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Hello to you all.

Saturday afternoon and I am in sheer panic, and wondered if any of you have experienced my symptoms?

Yesterday morning, I had an urgency to go to the toilet and passed very soft, black mucose stools.This happened another few times during the rest of the day.

I hoped that this would have cleared today but I am still having the same symptoms as yesterday, but more like black diarrhea.

I know I should not refer to Dr Google but I am full of fear.Hoping some of you maybe able to advise.I will ring my doctors first thing Monday.

Have any of you had any similar symptoms.

Sorry to bother you.


  • Hi Jacqueline, I haven't had that but my personal opinion is that Google is not totally useless, I extract info knowing not all of it applies to me... just my 2 cents, hopefully someone here will answer having your experience... best!

  • Hi Gab, Thank you for your reply, just trying to search for an answer.I hope someone on here will be able to help me with any symptoms that are similar.

    Please take care.

  • Me too, they probably will, it's a great site so don't despair!!

  • Dear Gab, thank you for being so kind.It means such a lot to me.

  • You're in good company I believe, you'll find what you need here. As I do. Best!¡

  • Hi  
    It is definitely one to contact the out of hours service . 111 .

    It is not one to sit on until Monday . My mum had this and she had a bleed in her gullet . It was treated at accident and emergency but they wanted her in right away . She had the same symptoms as any bleeding comes down through the digestive tract . Ulcers can cause the same issues as can other things but they don’t sit on issues like that . It was for her nothing to do with cancer .

    Please do give them a call . She was sorted quickly without any delay .

    i know what I have written may not apply to you but you are suitably concerned to post so please do phone the NHS for advice . 
    Take special care ,


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  • Hello Court and a big thank you for your reply.

    My hubby took me to hospital Saturday afternoon. I came home last night (Monday).

    I am awaiting a colonoscopy appointment, so as for many people it is the anxious waiting scenorio.

    I was told that my bloods did not show any anemia.

    Just in a whirl of anxiousness, but I will have to be patient and hope for the best outcome, as I do wish for everyone.

  • So pleased to hear you are ok though  . Yiu did the right thing .

    Its sometimes hard on forums to suggest something needs to be checked out quickly but so glad you did .

    All the very best with the colonoscopy. Lots of benign conditions can cause the bowel to bleed . So I do hope it’s along those lines for you .

    Take special care ,


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  • Good morning Court,

    Thank you for your reply and good wishes.

    When I was in hospital, as I mentioned they said no signs of anemia, but I failed to mention that they did a CT abdomen with contrast.No diverticulitis. No source of bleeding identified.Small calcified fibroid + simple renal cyst.Bloods normal Hb-131.

    Referred 2 week outpatient colonoscopy to investigate the change in bowel habit and weight loss.(This is the information as per my discharge letter)

    I have always suffered with health anxiety, and when I get anxious I go to bits, and I wonder if my weight loss is because when I worry I eat and sleep very little.

    Sorry for the moan, mixed emotions of wanting and not wanting to know.

    I am sure many of the lovely people here have the same experience of blind panic.

    Take Care and All the Very Best to All of You


  • That’s great you got a Ct scan . That’s reassuring in itself .

    Health anxiety is a real and horrible thing in itself .

    I hope you get to the root of your trouble and also get the peace of mind you need .

    Take special care ,


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