Not great news from results

Just got a phone call from my oncologist, he told me I have 4 small tumours on my liver. 4 7 8 9 mm. They gave me a choice of chemo or operation. I choose the operation. I had a similar operation 4 years ago. Really thought I was out of it. Just in shock. Anyone went through this twice before 

  • Hi and sending you a massive hug. As you may know s mum had a couple of liver resections so I’m sure she’ll pop along shortly to reassure you.

    Take care

    Karen x

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  • Thank you so much Karen. I really thought I was getting better 

  • Hi 

    You Will most certainly need time to digest this information but all under a cm and operable ! Not what I want for you but here to support you through this until you are safely in recovery phase .

    My mum has had two liver resections and it was tough to see her hit those bumps on the road but it has in all honesty given her so much more in the long run .

    Any time you need to chat you know we are right here !

    My mum used to talk about finding her focus ! You will get there and remember you are operable ! 
    much love and be very good to yourself .


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  • Court, thank you so much, yes thankfully they are small. Apparently 3 close together on the right node and 1 somewhere further away. I don’t know what that means or if it means anything. I read your mothers bio to give  me hope. 

  • The liver is such a big organ and it regenerates. One of my mum’s was 5cm alone . Out of the eight segments 1 to 3 were clear and that allowed for surgery . The first time she had it she actually had four wedge resections and recovered very quickly . Kayaking in the sea six weeks later . However the bigger resection we were much kinder to her !

    Despite the battering my mum’s liver has taken it functions remarkably well and never been a bother to her since 2010 .  Her liver function is robust ! 

    That’s good three are bunched together . They clearly see you as a surgical candidate. The liver surgeons are amazing and they know what they can achieve .

    But it’s still a blow to have to think about it . They will take really good care of you . The units are also staffed with very experienced nurses in that area .

    My mum was just saying she found the few days after surgery easier with the liver than the bowel . Not got the issue of wakening the bowel up again . 

    Take care ,


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  • Thank you Court, your mother is a hero to me. A couple of years ago I had similar. Was born with cysts on my liver and they then took 15% of my liver as thr cancer had moved there. . Today the oncologist said my liver was good and had fully recovered. Just in shock it was back so quickly.

  • No wonder you are shocked . It’s a horrible ordeal to go through and no one wants surgery but you have done really well and still got good surgical options .

    Do you have a time scale for surgery ?


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  • As I have covid, they said it takes 6 weeks before they’d do an operation. And, have to meet the surgeon as well. I’m in shock court 

  • Helen I am so sorry to hear all of this.  Obviously I have come in at the end of your situation.  Where was your first cancer?

  • Hello Candy,it started in 2017. Very early stages. Then I took thr route of radiation and chemo. Then was cancer free for nearly 3 years, then came back to the bowel in the same place. Then 2020 had more chemo it left for 6 months, came back again, then April 2021 had the stoma, and 3 months of chemo, in august told I was cancer free again, and now today, these tumours on my liver.