Stomach pain.

My wife has small bowel cancer and is getting a lot of pain round her stomach area.

She has not been prescribed any pain killers and paracetamol dont really work.

What tablets could she take?

The  last few days she has been getting up on a morning but within an hour she has to go back to bed.

She finished chemo on the 21st december but since then is always tired and energyless.

  • Hi 

    Can you remind me if your wife still has her bowel tumour in situ . I know she is having a chemo break just now if I remember right ?

    I really think her team would want to be informed of this . Pain meds can be tricky as they can cause constipation but either her oncologist or Gp can get her something much more substantial. No one should be in pain like that . Chemo can wipe you out for a while but they may want to look at her bloods etc and check her electrolytes. My mum’s potassium was knocked off with chemo and it took months to balance that out and caused terrible issues .

    I would give her oncology team a wee phone at the hospital . There is always an on call doctor and junior dr and they could tell you what to do over the weekend until you can get her sorted . 
    Her Gp is very much part of her team . My mum was on much stronger meds . 
    You could also run this by our helpline team 0808 808 0000 as they could maybe access the Macmillan nurses .

    take care ,


  • Hi Court.

    yes the tumour is there.

    She went and had her picc line out last wednesday and we managed to get them to do her bloods.

    They said if she didnt hear anything in a couple of days that would mean bloods ok.

    She has no energy and when walking around the house gets out of breath.She is ok when sat down but its making her depressed and fearing the worst.

    Fortunately the oncologist is ringing on thursday.

  • Hi . It might be worth giving her 24 hour chemo helpline a ring? It’s not just for emergencies but for reassurance too. The getting out of breath concerns me as it could be an indication of a clot? 

    Sorry - I dont want to panic you but clots can occur during chemo and I couldn’t not suggest this.

    Please let us know how she gets on

    Karen x

  • Hi Kareno62.

    I rang them over a week ago and they asked me a lot of questions then informed me it was probably down to the after effects of the chemo.

  • Hi . That’s good then. I developed lung clots while in hospital and I had to sit down after just walking up the stairs - I wouldn’t have slept tonight if I hadn’t mentioned it! x

  • How did they treat the clots?

  • . They found them by X-ray then I was put on anti-coagulants called apixaban. I think my surgeon thought the clots were caused by the cancer but the pulmonary consultant wasn’t convinced and I’m on medication for life now. They said the body can disperse clots naturally or work around them but, as mine had travelled to my lungs, they needed to treat them. I felt very breathless and would have to draw breath mid sentence during conversations.

  • Hi ,

    If she is getting breathless I would phone back . Always best to err on the side caution . 

  • She is not breathless when doing nothing.its just when she walks about or goes upstairs.

    They said so long as she can talk without getting out of breath she should be ok.


    Added a wee booklet just so you can keep an eye on things . To be honest I would have no idea when general breathlessness is chemo related and what signs and symptoms make them lean towards a clot . I guess the oncologist or GP would be able to tell you signs to look out for . But I can totally understand wanting to get to the bottom of this to ensure her discomfort is addressed and she gets the support she needs . 
    Hope you get some help with this soon as I know how hard it is trying to work out what on Earth the symptoms mean and how to get the right help in place . 
    Plus it’s her time off treatment . She wants to get all the benefits of that for sure .

    Take care ,