advice for osteosarcoma


  • our granddaughter 13 years old has been diagnosed with osteosarcoma in her knee , 6.8 cms. She started chemotherapy 4 weeks ago and is due to have surgery in 7 weeks. She would really like to communicate with another teenager who is going through the same.

  • Hi sweetie, I'm so sorry to read this. It's hard enough to cope with as an older person but so unfair that your granddaughter is going through this at such a young age. I hope you manage to find someone to help support her xxx

  • Hello Griswald,

    While I also  had osteosarcoma - at age 63, I am not the right person for your granddaughter to contact. I recommend you look at the Bone Cancer Research Trust's website. They have support, contacts etc. Most people get diagnosed with osteosarcoma in their teens or early twenties, so there are others out there. I think they probably dont use the Macmillan site.

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