Well little update for you all

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Hi all hope every one is ok and staying positive 

had my turbt today and think it shows positive signs as surgeon said he removed all tumour and even used the words superficial so I’m taken that as a positive catheter is flowing Chardonnay so very happy with that but my god this feeling of constantly wanting to pee with not release will take some getting use to but they have said can get it out on Friday home and happy thanks all for your kind works earlier in week love you all and positive vibes sent to you all 

Mandy xxxxxxx

  •  . Hi Mandy. Good to know things went well and sounds positive. Chardonay is a good sign. Feet up for a few days and hopefully you have someone to pamper you. Don't forget to drink plenty of water to keep things flushed out. Best wishes going forward,

    Best wishes to All,   rily.

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  • Hi Mandy,

    Great to hear your TURBT went well and the consultant was happy with everything.

    Hope that catheter is taken out soon for you.


  • Thanks both another question that someone may be able to answer I feel like I want a poo but am a little worried if it’s ok to go with the catheter in don’t want to course damage does anyone know if I’m allowed to have one sorry I know not the nicest of subjects but when a girl has got to go a girl has got to go xxxx 

  • Hi Mandy . I didn't have a problem going with a catheter. You can't hold things in. Some people find they are a bit constipated after the anaesthetic, in which case a mild laxative helps. best wishes.

    Best wishes to All,   rily.

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  • Great to hear it went well, rest and drink plenty. Take care Lynn x

  • Well all the lady managed to go was a little worried because had a couple of times where had a leak out of private parts but hospital said that can sometimes happen but as long as still draining into bag it’s all ok can not wait for tomorrow to get catheter removed and get a bit of relief honest all I’m drinking loads not Chardonnay any more in bag it’s gone to white zindafel but at least it’s not red wine thanks all for your support and your wisdom on the road we are travelling I don’t feel alone because other people have gone through it and are still going through it .   

  • Hi Mandy, so glad it all went well for you, im only 4 months into my journey so I can still remember my hospital stay. Stay positive and remember everyone is here for you..

    this group is great.