Good evening all, BCG advice please

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Good evening everyone 

I hope you are all as well as can be.

23rd July is coming around very quickly, I seem to have got it into my head that I will be missing one days work a week, two at most.. 

is this realistic? 

gone back to bad habits, eating loads of rubbish and drinking to many fizzy drinks, not exercised at all.. frustrated with myself.. when I first got diagnosed back in February, it shocked me into looking after myself, eating well, exercising and I felt great for it although I always had the what ifs in the back of my mind. Fast forward to now, I start my BCG treatment soon and I feel like I’ve got a bit to relaxed and very lazy.. sitting here with a bottle of Diet Coke and a large bar of chocolate.. I hate feeling like this… I have a real bad relationship with food…I overeat way to much…any help or advice would be appreciated..

love to you all 

Nigel…(large and lazy) 

  • Hi Nigel it’s great you are able to talk about it on here, well done you are half way there. Maybe don’t be so hard on yourself, and try to make just a few minor adjustments to start moving in the right direction. You can do it! Leo

  • Hi Nigel,

    All is well here thanks and hope you're well also.

    Regarding the BCG it really does depend on how you get on with any side affects.

    I would say however that it would be very hard to work on the day of the BCG. You will need to drink lots of water after and the urgency to wee comes on strong and fast. You will also need to bleach the toilet after each wee and wash your area to ensure the BCG is off your skin. It's quite a faff and is tiring as you need to do this for 6 hours.

    I'm tired the next day as I'm up quite a bit during the night weeing..

    This also depends on what you do for work, I work from home, but still have trouble on the same day. Lot's of loo runs. I'm normally ok after 24 Hours or so.

    You should hopefully be okay after that, but people have different side affects, but fingers crossed for you. I think it's a case of seeing how you feel.

    With regards to bad habits, don't beat yourself up. It's difficult I have to give things up completely or I would just consume.. 

    Pre COVID I was pretty active but got lazy and put on weight. I used to strength train and do 5k runs etc. I can't even look at myself in the mirror atm .I hate photos being taken of me, I don't do social media etc.

    However I changed my lifestyle since being diagnosed, I can't really lift anymore as I'm worried about straining the bladder but I found a few changes have helped me.

    Before work I go for a walk every morning, just 20 mins or so I also leave my desk more and have a full lunch break and do some light weight exercises. I have a treadmill and do a run walk in the evening. This is really good for the mind also.

    I do like a real ale every now and then. I don't think I can ever give up beer....

    I started fasting, where I don't eat after 19.00 until 11.00 am the next day..I found this helps me moderate without having to give up too much. It sounds hard but I've been doing this for a few months now and apart from the occasional day ( normally biopsy/treatment days etc) I've stuck with it and it does get easier. I do actually feel better.

    My user name is BFG ( big fat git, from my rugby days) and I know how hard it is to eat well all the time.

    Best of luck for the 23rd let us know how you get on.

    Hopefully others will have some more advice for you.


  • Evening Leo, thanks for the reply, I tipped the coke down the sink and threw the chocolate in the bin. Packed a ruck sack with a change of clothing for tomorrow, so I can park the cab and go for a walk/run…I’ll bring a packed lunch to work…

    how are you Leo? 


  • Hi Trevor, thanks for the reply, I need a good routine to follow. Coke and chocolate have gone. In regards to the BCG treatment I think I’ll just see how it goes. 
    I must really try to get on here every day…you guys are brilliant…

    Thank you Nigel

  • Hi Nigel,

    I think it's finding something you enjoy really, I go for walks early in the morning, very quiet, and also clears the brain and this works for me ATM. Plus it gets me out of the house, which I need to do more.

    I loved pepsi Max, used to drink litres of the stuff. Don't miss it' at all now. I do still have bad things. I love ice cream, so I try to avoid buying any big tubs lol.

    It is so difficult... Especially when I'm feeling low and having cancer can make people feel low.

    Plus eating healthy can be more expensive these days..

    I now have super market brand Weetabix, which is cheaper so I add blueberries and a banana. Pretty much have that every day. Blueberries are supposed to be a super food and are anti flammatory.

    I drink a lot less beer these day's so when I thought about it, I wouldn't have an issue spending £5.00 on a pint, and now drink 4 or 5 less pints a week now so in my mind I'm saving money for healthy options.

    I hope you get a routine you enjoy soonest.

    Gwad I do waffle.....

    Have a lovely weekend.


  • Ha ha cheers Trevor, it’s never waffle. I’m putting a plan into place, 

    enjoy the weekend 


  • Hey Trevor. £5 a pint?  Blimey, I'm not going out with you Smiley.  £1.75 for me in Spoons. £1.49 on Mondays and £2.50 in most other locals. Cheers.

    Best wishes to All,   rily.

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  • Hi Nigel, good thanks - starting BCG maintenance next week so expecting some fun and games with side effects. But as long as it’s working, it’s all ok with me. Trying to reduce food with empty calories esp sugar, and stay well away from the booze. All working ok for me at the moment. Fight the good fight and if you slip don’t let it get you down. Leo

  • I’m glad your ok Leo, yep I’m feeling better..I think I’m ready for treatment… hope ot all goes well for you.


  • I think it £5.00 a pint back in the 80s in London..Grinning