Bad day today

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Hello all, 

yesterdays phone call has really set me back. Been thinking all sorts today, the what’s if. How long I have I got left. Really scaring myself. 
come home from work early, just can’t concentrate…hopefully Tuesday will bring some good news.


  • Hi Nigel,I’m sorry you are having a bad day.Hopefully you will know more on Tuesday and the way forward.Sending good thoughts and a big virtual hug.Love Jane x

  • Thank you Jane, it’s funny but after being on here and reading a few posts I feel better…

    thank you again 


  • Hi Nigel, it is such a hard time and rollercoaster of emotions doesnt cover it sometimes. I would suggest keeping yourself busy to stop feeling overwhelmed when the what ifs start. Tuesday will be here before you know it and you will get the answers you need. I agree coming on here is really reassuring. I know when i had a red patch and needed a biopsy in november last year, reading others experience gave me a more optimistic outlook. I have a list of things to do and as soon as i recognise the what ifs coming in , i now get up and start doing something and tell them to shut up. It works for me to get me through. Sometimes you just have to take it hour by hour. Keep in touch man 

    Much love Angela x

  • Hi Nigel,

    Sorry to hear that you are having a bad day. Hope Tuesday goes well.

    Keep us posted.


  • Thank you Angela and Trevor, 

    gonna rest tonight, tomorrow is another day..

    love to all Nigel

  • Nigel, have a good rest, tomorrow is another day. Thinking of you and wishing you all the best. Leo

  • Thank you Leo, likewise.

    thinking of you all…


  • Hi Nigel 

    Sorry to see your having tough Day I’ve found that as the early months have ticked by it’s very up and down with oooh there’s this there’s that all of which is worrying it seems like at times it’s very carrot and stick wishing you all the best for Tuesday mate and it’s a better meeting your due some positive news after yesterday 


  • Hi mate , 6 months ago I had a red patch turned out to be inflammation . Today I finished my last BCG treatment . Stay positive .It's a marathon not a sprint .

  • Thank you Ste and Banta, 

    feeling much better now.. 

    as always thank you everyone