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Hello all. Just an update. I first posted about 8 days ago. I’ve now had my histology result G2T1. I’m a bit deflated but had prepared my self for such news. I’m having a repeat TURBT in a few weeks and BCG afterwards. But I’m seriously considering RC surgery as the long term results seem to be much better in early radical surgery. Any advice/ personal experience??? Many thanks all!

  • Hi Hopeful786,It is a big operation but once you have recovered you can lead a good life.Recovery times vary but it usually takes a few months and can seem incredibly slow.The fitter you can be before surgery the better.Cystectomy can affect a physical relationship so if sex is important this is something to consider.There are pros and cons to both neo bladder and Ileal conduit.I looked at videos about both and read up about them before seeing the surgeon.Not everyone is suitable for a neo bladder.I wasn’t but manage well with a stoma.Cystectomy doesn’t guarantee a cure but will give you a chance.It’s not without complications but I’m grateful to have had this surgery.It was life saving for me and I’m cancer free nearly 5 years later.There will be help and advice here if you do go ahead with cystectomy.This group helped me through a lonely recovery.Best wishes Jane 

  • Hopeful, it’s a personal choice, hopefully informed by your MDT, good luck with whatever you decide. I am trying BCG and hopefully it will work, but am very mindful of the need  for very close monitoring, and the need to consider alternatives sharpish should something untoward happen. It’s a conundrum : potential for over treating vs under treating. High stakes too. Leo

  • Thanks for your advice Jane. Glad you’re doing well. 

  • Thanks Leo. Yes I’m aware of ‘overkilling’ with RC. It’s a difficult decision to make but the issue to consider is chance of a long term cure.

  • Hopeful, this issue weighs heavily on my mind actually. The fear of BCG not working , progression, and the fact that the prognosis is in some cases much worse after a failed BCG treatment. 

  • Yes I agree with all your points. I’m a surgeon myself though ENT!! My urology and pathology colleagues have advised me that at this stage, RC shouldn’t be considered but I just want to get the offending organ out and get on with my life. I’m hoping to work full time for a few more years!!!

  • Hi Hopeful, I was diagnosed with T1G3 with cis 14 months ago . I have recorded my experience so far on this journey in my profile. Non of it is easy , there is always a what if lurking in the back of the mind. I asked my consultant at first diagnosis about RC and he said he didnt think it was called for yet. I decided to follow his pathway . I am aware of the risk but glad i am getting close monitoring and a first class service from the NHS 
    Good luck with whatever you decide is best for you and your life. Keep in touch 

    Much love Angela x

  • Thanks Angela. Glad you’re doing well in your journey. My very best wishes.

  • Hi Hopeful , 

    I was 65 when I got my diagnosis , going on 7 years ago now. G3 T1. Because the tumour was of a rare variant nature I was advised to go straight to RC , which I did , 2 weeks after turp#2. Was happy to get a neobladder and it has worked out very well. No problems , no recurrence, great piece of mind. One thing to consider as well . An RC for a T1 tumour will not necessitate chemo , which provides its own risks and sets of problems. I was back at work light duty after 3 weeks and back full duty (contractor at 7 weeks). I’m an aggressive sort , others probably take longer. 
    The long and the short of it is , they got it all at turp #1 and I really don’t think about bladder cancer much at all any more unless I check out this site. Best of luck with your decision , there is no truly right one, only one that makes the most sense to you when armed with all the valid info.  Orillia.

  • Thanks so much for your advice. That’s very helpful. Glad to see you’re doing so well. Best wishes.