Results tomorrow…..maybe.

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Good evening everyone.

Since my last TURBT I’ve been trying to live as normal a life as I can..trying to get to the gym and joined weight watchers on line all in the hope of losing a few pounds. The result of it all is Ive been putting myself under so much pressure . “Must get to the gym” can’t eat anything else today as I’ve used all my points” 

So today I cancelled WW and I’ll go to the gym and just enjoy a work out… stress released….

My TURBT results. 

I was due to receive my results on Tuesday 18th June via a phone call. On Monday I received a text message saying that my appointment had been moved to that day at 1.30pm.. so I stopped work to wait for the call. At 1.40pm i got another text saying the first one had been sent in error… 

Today I’ve received a message saying my appointment is now tomorrow…either way it’s been a very long wait…Ive struggled with the what ifs. Every strain in my stomach “from lifting” I think it’s C. 

And lastly, I sometimes feel a bit guilty on here..reason is.. I ask a lot and you guys give me great support and advice…but I don’t answer a lot to others as I’m not sure what to say apart from sending positive thoughts.. so although I may not post much, I am thinking of you all and hoping that we get positive news..

thank you as always Nigel

  • Hi Nigel,I hope you do hear tomorrow.You are a valued member of the group whether you answer posts or not so please don’t feel guilty.Love Jane x

  • Thank you Jane,I appreciate that.

  •   . Hi Nigel. I hope your appointment comes off as planned tomorrow. Here's hoping for good news for you. Well are all here supporting you. Best wishes.

    Best wishes to All,   rily.

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  • Thank you Rily. I will post as soon as I can. 

  • Good Luck tomorrow Nigel hope the news is possitive you can do this. Love Lynn x

  • Thank you Lynn…

  • Hi Nigel, absolutely agree with janes sentiment. This journey is tough enough , dont be giving yourself a hard time man. I hope you get your answers tomorrow, fingers crossed for you. Keep in touch

    Much love Angela x

  • Good luck tomorrow Nigel.

    Nothing to feel guilty about, but I know what you mean. 18 Month's in on my journey and I see posts with a lot of technical terminology and I think I should know that by now.. I'm trying to expand my knowledge, but I kinda bury my head in the sand abit still.

    Personally what helped me ( helps me) is reading other people's experiences, so I post my own in the hope it helps others also.

    Sending positive thoughts helps as much as practical advice sometimes. I think as you go further into your journey you will see posts that relate what you've been through and you might feel more inclined to share. Of course you don't need to.

    It's always great to hear from people on here and it's great to hear you've been hitting the gym.. something I need to do for sure.

    Take care and keep us posted.


  • Thank you Angela and Trevor. I’ve treated myself to a bit of chocolate tonight, guilt free…

    I will post tomorrow if I get the results.. 

    thank you again everyone 

  • I hope you get your results, it's so hard waiting and worrying and wondering, just not great for your state of mind. Fingers crossed for you x