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Has anyone had experience of a TULA, trans urethral laser ablation. 

I am having this procedure next Friday for suspicious tiny lesion on old resected scar. 

Just wondered what people think. 

  • Hi ' . No personal experience of this so not much help. I am sure someone will be along who have had this. Reading many posts here on the subject it does seem to be positive in the great scheme of things. Usually used for small, very early potential recurrences. No GA but with a bit of a sting. I hope all goes well. Best wishes.

    Best wishes to All,   rily.

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  • Hi.  I had my diagnosis of non invasive in the bladder and ureter.  I had several removals after 6 weeks of chemo. After removal and laser on three occasions I have no re growth on last check up.  No after effects, I have had a positive result to TULA.  

  • I believe I had this in April to eliminate small tumours in the bladder. It was minimally uncomfortable and I found it immensely preferable to the TURBT. It took 5 minutes to “zap” 4 areas and I was walking out of the clinic as soon as I pulled my pants up with no after effect. 

  • Thanks Rily for reassurance, yes it's good no general and that's a bonus. 

  • Thanks infojo, that's interesting that they have used the laser three times and so good no re growth, thanks for responding. 

  • Great, yes I think it will be much better than having a Turbt. They said they put dye into bladder an hour before? Seems so quick so that's good too. Do you have a follow up or get given any results? Have you been having bcg or chemo to the bladder or were your abnormalities seen at cystoscopy? 

  • Hi Bumblebee, I dont have any experience of TULA but really interested since you posted about your upcoming op. It does sound like its less invasive than a turbt. I hope you are ok , and feeling less anxious about it all.sending you a big hug 

    Much love Angela x

  • Hi Bumblebee,They do this at my local hospital now and it’s supposed to be much better for the patient.The article said the laser fibre is very thin and the procedure takes 10-20 minutes.It also said patients are given single dose antibiotics afterwards.I don’t know if the latter is standard procedure but it was interesting to learn more about it.Love Jane x

  • I have read it is much better because no GA

    Hope all goes well and you have a positive experience and result

    Is this at Guys hospital?

     Much love Tina X

  • Hi Tina,That’s what they were saying in this article.My partner said it was on the local news but I missed it.I go to Yeovil hospital and they are doing it at Taunton too so Somerset bladder cancer patients will be able to benefit.Love Jane x