Bladder cancer diagnostic and monitoring with GALEAS BC non-invasive test

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I am looking for BC-mates :) who have done the GALEAS Bladder test (only with a urine sample)? What was your experience and outcomes?

Also, I am looking for cystoscopy supersensitive, like myself, BC-mates: what was their experience with a flexible cystoscopy concerning pain?

Third: anybody can confirm that cystoscopy with taking samples for biopsy should be performed with a rigid tube and anesthesia ALWAYS?

Thank you !


  • Hi  and welcome to the group. I believe the GALEAS test is done privately and doing a search in the group I can find no previous mention of it on here. I have had over 20 flexible cystoscopies and so far not had any problems besides the follow up peeing pains. We do know that some people do have some effects from them. Although most biopsies are taken under GA as they can get better samples, punch biopsies can be taken in some cases under local. Best wishes.

    Best wishes to All,   rily.

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  • Thank you for your reply.
    GALEAS Bladder monitors and diagnoses bladder cancer and the NHS pays for it. I have made the test as a private patient. Still, if you look for the test in the laboratories as INFORMED GENOMICS in the UK, you can see the validity and even the superiority of the test over invasive cystoscopy. 
    About punch biopsy I guess you refer to the metal tube inserted in the urethra, I doubt somebody can be under it without GA. I suffered it with no GA and it brought me to a massive hematuria a week later. 
    I hope to see some other opinion/experience with GALEAS.
    The urologist affiliated with the laboratory interpreted the results to me, it is positive with 2 somatic strain mutations, despite the comprehensive hereditary panel I did last year. According to the results, whatever has started it is in the beginning. 
    I do not have previous somatic mutation test results to compare with.
    I can differentiate somatic from germline mutations: your BC can be non-hereditary but somatic. Then why would it appear again after the negative revaluation of TURBT? They are still cells with mutations in the bladder, I guess.
    One of the reasons for GALEAS to be created by a team of scientists is the excluding the potential of the regular cystoscopies to inflame the urinary system, the bladder.
    Inflammations in the urothelial layer are the soil for further cancerogenic development.

    I guess I have to go under the other diagnostic tools. Peeing with pain after a regular cystoscopy is treated with antibiotics - another source of corrupting the bladder and urinary system microbiome.  

    Best regards

  • Hi TDT,Prior to cancer I had Interstitial cystitis and have had biopsies taken under a local anaesthetic.They were not very deep though and were painful.Subsequent biopsies into the muscle were all done under a general anaesthetic.Best wishes Jane