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Hi not sure if this is where I should be posting because I am not diagnosed with bladder cancer.  However I had an situation in June of 2023 where I had a panic attack was prescribed anxiety medication then in July 2023 had a month of spotting was prescribed medroxypr ac 10mg for 10 days in Aug. was supposed to reset menstrual cycle. Had no cycle for in Aug. no cycle in Sept. then in Oct. period was 5 days of light flow bright red bleeding with reddish urine went to gynecologist in Oct. had full evaluation transvaginal ultrasound pap smear nothing abnormal found then went to urologist had full workup urine cytology ct scan with contrast and cystoscopy all negative went to a second urologist had same test ran also came back negative my concern is no one has said what it may have been although uti and kidney stones were ruled out. Could something have been missed during my urological investigation or was the testing that I have had enough to find urinary tract or bladder cancer even if it was small.