hi all....recurrence or not

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Hi everyone, only just joined but this forum was a huge help and relief 3 years ago when I was first diagnosed with non invasive bladder cancer. After bcg and nearly 3 years in the clear, a regular cysto a couple of months ago showed up something tiny but irregular on the bladder neck. Obviously after 3 years you're starting to feel very positive, so it was a shock. The consultant said it really wasn't bad news, and this is exactly what the check-ups are for.

Well, went in Monday for turbt and possible prostate resection but the lead surgeon, who had  also performed my first turbt, said there was very little to do and that he didn't think it was cancer anyway.  The results will reveal if there was anything sinister.

Possibly too early to be overjoyed, but I'm confident they've nabbed whatever it was, hopefully not resulting in more bcg as I did struggle with that towards the end. In fact I'm probably more relieved at passing twoc and not going home with a catheter this time...oh, and no messing with my prostrate Grinning

As was the case last time, fantastic service from the NHS and all involved, it was even a pleasure to be held up in recovery room with delightful company and care  until a bed became vacant in the surgical ward.