Hello, My husband has just been diagnosed with bladder cancer after prostate cancer :(

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Hello, Feeling a little low.

Told both are daughters this weekend that after their Dad had prostate cancer 3tb ii two years ago he now has bladder cancer and awaiting a TURBT later this month. 

It seems so unfair but isn't all on this forum unfair. 

Always messaged the prostate forum but despite some lovely initial replies it all appears a bit alien.

Just helps me to put this out there - thank you.

  • Hello  and welcome to the group although I see you are not a stranger to the community. Sorry to hear your husband has bladder cancer so soon after prostate. A TURBT procedure is usually straightforward and done in day surgery, but prepare for an overnight just in case. The offending cells are scraped away and biopsies sent for analysis. The results then determine the next step. He will just need to rest for a few days and not do anything strenuous for a couple of weeks. In the meantime it is important to drink plenty of water regularly to flush out any blood or debris. I hope all goes well, Best wishes.

    Best wishes to All,   rily.

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  • Thank you Rily,... Thank you for your info, We are booked in at a Premier Inn for an overnight stay in any event and neighbour kindly caring for our pups overnight just worried what his  results will be, Cystocopsy suggested 1cm by 3mm but all new and alarming after the prostate issue will it ever end?

    Thank you again as it feels a lonely world. 

    Incidentley and importantly - hope all well with you. 

  • Hi wispmydog,

    Sorry to hear about your husband's new diagnosis.

    Cancer really is horrible and to have another diagnosis must be incredibly difficult to take on.

    My tumor was 3cm and you can see my treatment plan via my profile.

    Wishing you and your husband all the best.

    Take care.


  • Hi Wispmydog,Welcome to the group.I hope you will find it of comfort and support.My best wishes to you and your husband.Love Jane xx

  • Hi Trevor

    Thank you for your positive response. It's really helpful to know the journey of others.

    Continue doing what you are doing and keep well.

  • Many thanks Jane ! xx