Had a wobble today

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Evening all, had a ct thorax tonight. Been dreading it all day. Was asking myself why they are doing it. Got myself into a bit of a state.

hope your all doing well


  • Hi Nigel 

    I should imagine they need the images for the MDT meeting even though the tumour was removed they will still have images of it from when you had your camera and it will all marry up when your case is discussed at the MDT some of the others may know better still pretty new to all this as well pal 

    all the best 


  •  . Hi Nigel. All par for the course and standard procedure. Mainly to rule anything else out and generally just precautionary. Best wishes.

    Best wishes to All,   rily.

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  • Rob sorry to hear you are suffering anxiety because of the CT scan. I am sure the MDT team want the best possible complete data set in order to make their recommendation for treatment. So that’s high resolution data from the CT scan, plus histology, any ultrasound, bloods etc. I am sure you are in good hands. Leo

  • I got to see mine on my CT scan the day of my op when I sat down with the surgeon beforehand I thought just what I need to be looking at when I’m already stressed out about the op 

  • Thank you guys. I couldn’t wait to get home so I could speak to you guys.

    thank you so much. 


  • I went in to meet him Nigel and  the surgeon who was initially supposed to be doing wasn’t there I thought what’s going on here sits me Down Hiya Steve I said hello he’s got this image on the computer screen he points to it and says that is yours id had my scan a couple of weeks before and I  just said ok then he went today we take this away I said thank you and that was it came out and thought WOW could of done without looking at that but it didn’t really matter in the end they do them Scans so they’ve got a detailed picture of things 

    have a good weekend 


  • Cheers Steve, they are gonna ring me on the 17th April.

    gonna try to live a normal life until then.

  • That’s what I’m trying to do at the minute pal been out bowling with my youngest today after chasing the hospital this morning to see when my rebooked appointment is due for my follow up nothing booked yet I will ring again early next week give them another nudge 


  • I hope you get it sorted Steve, enjoy your weekend mate.