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Evening all, 

me again

got an email today informing me that a member of the urology team will ring me on the 17th April to discuss my treatment. 
is this to discuss treatment im going to be having or the treatment I’ve just had? 
also got my re arranged CT THORAX scan this Friday. 

Thanks Nigel

  • Hi Nigel. Should be a bit of both. Results on recent TURBT with stage and grade, and then proposals for going forward. Write down any questions beforehand and record the conversation if you can. It is so easy to forget what you have been told, especially phone appointments. Best wishes.

    Best wishes to All,   rily.

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  • Cheers Rily, I will record it. Il,l have 1001 questions but remember them all after the call. Best I start writing them down. 

    thank you Nigel