12 days post op for RC.

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Hello everyone, I am new to the group. I had RC done on 18/03/24. Been home since 22/03/24 .. seem to be doing ok but awfully tired and drained.. doing daily walk and moving around the house.. appetite awful but picking high carb and protein snacks.. 

trying to adapt to new way of doing things.. so far so good. But I am having up and down days. 

  • Hi ChristineC,Welcome to the group.It’s very early in your recovery but you are doing the right things.Building up walking distances gradually and eating little but often is best.The snacking should help you to regain your appetite.It’s very common to lose your appetite at the start.Recovery can be slow going and up and down as you are finding.Rest when you need to rest.It is a big surgery and you do feel exhausted at the  beginning.Hopefully each week you should get stronger but it’s a marathon rather than a sprint.Love Jane x

  • Did you have robotic surgery ? 

  • No it was open surgery. 

  • Take care and let us know how you get on.There is support and advice here to help you through.Love Jane 

  • Thank you. It’s all happened so fast was only diagnosed January 17th have had 2 TURBTs and the RC. That’s without the CT and MRI scans and other tests .. NHS brilliant and the staff really dedicated.. I feel so thankful. 

  • I understand that.I was diagnosed in July 2019 and had the cystectomy in the September and scans etc inbetween.It was very hectic and then it caught up a bit with me during the recovery.Luckily this group was able to offer support on the down days.I think you just have to listen to your body and accept that recovery can be slow.I was really unwell at the time of the surgery so it took 8 months before I was back to work.I felt much better by 3 months and some people recover much faster than I did.I’m glad you have had good treatment.Love Jane x

  • Hi ChristineC

    I have no experience of RC and am fairly new to this group myself but I wanted to say I agree NHS brilliant.( I work in NHS and very proud to do so.) and to send you hugs and good wishes. 

    Take care 

    Love Ade xx

  • Sounds absolutely normal for 12 days post op. You will need plenty of rest for some time to come, and pace yourself. At your stage, if I did one activity (even simple things like washing hair or emptying a bin) that might be it for the day! By 6 weeks I was starting to resume leisure activities out of home, but nearer 6 months before I was back doing all usual activities (including a commute to work). Didn't shed end of the day fatigue until about 8 months post op. 

    The ups & downs are normal too.  You may find emotions are quite fragile. Hope your recovery continues well.

  • Hi

    yes I am finding small tasks  like showering quite tiring.. I managed a  slow walk with my husband  this morning. 

    ready for a nap now. So pleased to be able to hear other’s experiences. It definitely helps