Ok to drive

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do you think it’s ok for me to drive tomorrow? Not to work, 

cheers Nigel

  • Hi Rob,

    The only restriction I've been told is don't drive for 24 hours after being knocked out.

    I left it 48 hours, just because I was tired. Then somedays I was more tired than others and just didn't drive.

    I'm lucky to work from home, but they signed me off for two weeks. Thinking back I probably only popped to the shops a few times in those two weeks. I didn't drive far.

    I think that if you feel okay then you should be good to go.


  • Cheers Trevor, the wife has put a stop to it…lol….total rest until Monday….worth a try though…

    cheers Nigel

  • Hi Nigel,

    Yeah best listen to the misses for sure.

  • Hi Nigel, 

    Best not to strain yourself. Don't drive for a week. Don't lift anything heavy. Get rest and eat well. 



  • Yes don’t lift anything heavy - say over 10kg. I know it’s difficult as us men are all fantastic superheroes as you know Grinning. But lifting heavy things can rupture the wound in the bladder a bit and make it bleed. So take it easy my good man. Leo

  • Cheers Sunny and Leo, taken the advice on board. No driving until Tuesday, and even then no lifting, 

    on the plus side, bleeding has stooped for now, sensitive peeeing is still here but give it time.

    had a nice walk with the dog, he’s stopped trying to get me to carry him…he must know…lol..

    feeling very good today… 

    thank you as always