Hello, please help me understand this.

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Hi all, I had a ( not sure what it’s called. ) procedure to check my bladder. I was 100% that the blood in my wee was due to an infection. When the doctor showed me the screen my heart dropped. I have a 1cm tumour on my bladder. He said straight away it was cancer. I just don’t know how to deal with this. He did say that at this stage it’s not life threatening, I’m so scared. 
im booked in for a CT scan in 10 days time. .im 55.


  • Good afternoon Rob R . Sounds like you’ve had a cystoscopy, that is Camera in the bladder. It’s a bit of a shock when you see the pictures and had no idea it was like that. With the information the medics now have, they’ll be able to work out a programme to treat you.next process is likely to be a TURBT to remove the tumour, not as bad as it sounds, best wishes, John.

  • Thank you for your reply, Wally/ John. 
    it’s the most scared I’ve been in my life.

    is it normal to be off my food? 


  • Hi Rob just been through a very similar thing myself but with a 2cm papillary tumour you’ll have your CT urogram and then hopefully be in to have a TURBT I had one on the 1st of March this is where they will remove the growth and do a biopsy this is a superficial form of BC the process from finding it and dealing with it has been quick I was also very nervous and apprehensive and rightly so your frightened and not going to say don’t be it’s daunting but now I have been through the initial shock and the procedures I feel better and more level with the situation I’m a 45 year old male 

  • Never had a problem with food Rob. Most on here have experienced the scary news . The ct scan is normal practise to see what’s going on. If it is bladder cancer then it can be treated successfully. Waiting for results and procedures is always difficult but when you have more information and a treatment plan you’ll feel better. Now go and have some lunch , best wishes John.

  • Hi Rob R and welcome to this forum, without doubt the best place you can be with bladder cancer newly diagnosed or years down the line. My husband had a whole bladder full of tumours six years ago and he's fine now, on regular checkups. So please pick your heart up off the floor and as John says, go eat!