Newly diagnosed and anxious.

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I'm a 57yr old female, wife, mum to 3 grown up kids, mama to my beautiful fur baby cocker spaniel and newly diagnosed with bladder cancer. It's been such a shock and I feel like I'm on a roller coaster.  

I had been struggling with recurrent UTIs and haematuria for 6 months, been fobbed off by the GP surgery and made to see Pharmacists and Nurse Practitioner.  I have a 38yr career in  Pathology in the NHS and knew something was wrong so pushed for a Urology referral.  I had Cystoscopy on February 15th 2024 where I saw the tumour on screen. The doctor told me it was about 3cm. I had a CT scan the following day. The results from that showed a second tumour about 10mm. I had a TURBT on 6th March 2024 and after an overnight stay in hospital due to excruciating pain and that I passed out as my blood pressure dropped suddenly. My surgeon said that the larger tumour is over 3cm and the smaller one is smaller than 1cm and that puts it in an Intermediate risk. I'm now back home and recovering from the TURBT  with my wonderful family and awaiting the Histology results and MDT so we can decide on a treatment plan. I feel like I'm in limbo at the moment but it's all happened so fast that part of me can't actually believe that this is happening to me and the other part can't stop thinking about it and researching all the various treatments for any eventuality!

I have been reading the Community posts here and learning such a lot from all of you out there, I just needed to come and say "Hello" and to be among other people who have/and are going through the same thing as me. X

  • Dear Furbabymama,

    Welcome to the forum, there are lots if friendly and helpful people here. Very sorry to hear that you have been recently diagnosed of course. Like you I found it a terrible shock, but was advised by fellow traveller's that the shock would subside a bit as a treatment plan emerged, and this has proved true.

    It's wonderful that you have a supportive and loving family and lots of doggie love. My Border Terrier sensed that there was something wrong with me before being diagnosed I am sure. He is now taking special care of me.

    Look after yourself waiting for results and spots is the hardest part.


  • Hi Furbabymama,

    welcome to this warm and friendly forum where you are among friends. I was diagnosed April 2023 and wont ever forget the feelings of shock and numbness. However , having joined this forum pretty much instantly looking for help and support, the advise i got was so true , that i will feel calmer when the treatment plan is in place. If you click on my name you can read my journey so far. 

    There is always someone to listen and answer questions, or just be here if you need a rant or a virtual hand hold to steady you through this bit. Keep in touch

    much love to you Angela x

    Much love Angela x

  • Hi leo, how has it gone today ?

    Much love Angela x

  • All good thanks, routine now, in out and home!

  • Hello there. Welcome and so sorry to read your news. I hope you get answers and a plan which is suitable for you and successful in its outcome. 

    Although it is scary unfortunately there are lots of us out there, this forum will I hope givenyou some support and reassurance as there is a lot of experience out there in virtual land.

    Take care and keep on keeping on.

  • Hi Leo

    I've never been ill before and certainly never used to being a hospital patient. I would much rather be in my lab coat than a hospital gown! Thank you for your support and as you say I'll probably feel more in control when there is a treatment plan in place. For now I'm trying to stay calm with lots of doggy cuddles. 



  • Hi Angela

    Thank you for your wise words. I'm finding it difficult to be a patient and even more difficult waiting for a treatment plan to be put in place, but I'm trying to stay calm.  X



  • Hi grumpyparr

    The forum has given me a lot of really useful information already but I felt that I needed to become a member so, as you say, I can be part of this virtual land. 

    I dislike not being in control of my life and I feel that this diagnosis has put me in exactly that situation. Hopefully I'll feel more in control when we have a treatment plan in place.

    Thanks for your support. I'll try to stay calm until we get some answers. 



  • Hi Ade, its really not easy trying to stay calm when your world is suddenly rocked. I use mindfullness and meditation app on my phone to help quiet the ‘what ifs ‘ that happen , especially while waiting for results. Stay in touch

    much love Angela 

    Much love Angela x

  • I do enjoy reading so I'm working my way through a stack of books that I haven't had time to read and use that as my little escape.

    Thanks for listening 

    Ade x