Untreated bladder cancer due to dementia

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Hi there, it’s been a long time since I have posted on here but I was wondering if anybody or a relative had stopped treatment for bladder cancer and what service do they receive from the hospital or gp.

my now 80yo dad was diagnosed with bladder cancer back in 2021 and had three TURBT carried out but each time he had the op his dementia got worse. 

As a family we decided to stop treatment back in April 2023 as just taking him to the hospital for an appointment was hard work. He’d be sick in the car and would be so disorientated in the hospital.

We left it that we would just treat the symptoms of the bladder cancer with his gp but touchwood he hasn’t really had any other than bleeding and discharge. He doesn’t seem to be In any pain.

i just worry as time is ticking on the cancer could have spread.

my dad is still at home and looked after by my stepmum with the help of carers and lots of aids that have been installed to keep him safe.

thanks for reading

  • Hi again  . Sorry to hear your dad has had to stop treatment owing to his dementia. It must be a worrying time for your family. good to know he is not in any pain and he is being well looked after. Difficult to know how things will go with no treatment. It may be an idea to give the Mac support line a call on 0808 808 0000 who should be able to let you know what extra help your dad may be entitled to. Best wishes.

    Best wishes to All,   rily.

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  • That must be a difficult situation for you. It depends what grade the cancer is as to how quickly it grows. Generally in older people cancers tend to be slower growing. Symptoms would depend on location - that's the sneaky thing with cancer in general, it can be quite advanced before causing enough symptoms to be detected. From the little I know, I suspect the dementia progressing will be the more relevant issue than the bladder cancer. Best wishes to you all.