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hi all, I have recently been diagnosed with bladder cancer very unexpectedly, I have been having pain in my abdomen and my urine smells, I work at a gp surgery so I asked a nurse to dip my urine and there was +++blood so I went to my doctors and they put me on antibiotics, 5 days later tested my urine again and +++ blood so was give 7 course of antibiotics, I went to Spain whilst on the antibiotics and whilst I was there I had finished them and 2 days into my holiday my right kidney started to ache so when I got back home I went start to my doctors again and she examined me did a smear and my cervix had completely closed! She again I had +++ blood in my urine was given a 3rd course of antibiotics and told to bring a urine sample back after I had finished them so I did, same again +++ blood so I was sent for 2 ultrasounds 1 for my bladder and kidneys and a internal scan on my womb, crazy enough my bladder and kidney scan came back normal! My other scan showed thickness of the lining of my womb and a polyp I was then sent for a 2ww for signs of womb cancer and had a hysteroscopy, at my pre-op I was told I had miled Christmas disease so I put the +++ blood in my urine down to that because that is one of the signs, I was offered a cystoscopy 2 days before my surgery to do a biopsy and remove the poylop I declined and explained the situation to the man on the phone, 2 days after my operation I was called again this time it was a lady and she had spoken to my consultant and they had decided I should really have the cystoscopy, so 5 days later I went thinking it was a waste of time, sat in the waiting room on my son in laws birthday my husbands calls me to say they are making redundancies at his work after his rant he asked me where I was i reminded him that he was meant to come to meet me but not to worry just go home, he turned up 15 minutes later and I was called in, due to the size of the room only I could go in and being 45 and having the blood disorder I think the surgeon thought there would be nothing, he asked me if I would like to watch on the screen so I did first it was a lovely smooth pink then he turned the camera back on itself and there it was, I can't tell much after that just that he said sorry to tell you this but you have cancer is there anything you would like me to do? I then said please speak to my husband. Since then I have felt emotionally numb and I can't even cry, I think I feel embarrassed, I am still getting pains in my bladder and kidney and Im so tired all the time, my daughter is due to give birth to my first grandchild on the 8/3/24 and I'm meant to be her birthing partner, how am I supposed to support her? I feel I have really let her down and all she keeps doing is crying because she is worried about me. I had my pre-op on the 20/2 now I'm just waiting for my date to be removed. 

  • Hi  and welcome to the group although sorry to hear you have bladder cancer. Firstly, be aware that bladder cancer can be treated successfully. Your story will be familiar to many here. Ladies in particular are often sent away time and again with antibiotics without further investigation. The positive is that it has now been identified and will be treated. The procedure you will probably be having is called a TURBT (trans urethral resection of bladder tumour). Not as bad as it sounds. Usually done in day surgery but prepare for an overnight in case you go down late afternoon. The tumour will be shaved away and biopsies taken. The results then determine the next step. You should feel a lot better after a few days. Many of us have been through this and there is always someone here to answer any questions or just talk. This should not stop you from being a birthing partner to your daughter. Best wishes.

    Best wishes to All,   rily.

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  • Hi Flonquisha,Welcome to our friendly group.You have had a shock and it must be very overwhelming.Stay here with us and we will all try to help with advice and support.Once you have had this removed you will know more and be given a treatment plan for the future.It will be easier then to look forward to your new grandchild.Best wishes Jane