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Hi everyone, 

We have unfortunately just had a massive blow

a couple of weeks ago my dad had his TURBT, yesterday, following the MDT meeting he went to see the urologist who told us that unfortunately he will need to see the oncologist (today) as all the tumours hadn’t been removed. We saw the (pretty blunt) oncologist today who explained that two of the three tumours had been removed but unfortunately one has spread into the bladder wall and into one of the urethral canals. It is a grade 3 aggressive locally advanced bladder tumour. His only option is to have chemotherapy and a bladder removal but the oncologist said even after all that there’s only a 50/50% chance of survival. This is just absolutely devastating. She then explained that he has to have an MRI/CT (can’t remember which) of his chest and lungs to ensure it hasn’t spread there - if it has spread there then she said there isn’t even any point in removing the bladder. 

we are doing everything we can to keep positive. He’s 55, has no other health concerns, doesn’t drink alcohol, exercises and stopped smoking when he first found out the news in December last year. I’m just telling him surely he’s in the 50% that will be ok. He hasn’t had any other symptoms - only the initial blood in the urine which has now cleared up. 

we’re just hoping and praying this MRI/CT of the chest and lungs doesn’t show anything - that is the current biggest worry. Just trying to take each day at a time. He has me and my mum for support and Macmillan have been amazing so far. 

im just wondering if there’s anyone here in that positive 50% who can give us the bit of hope we really need.

many thanks,


  • Hi  . Sorry to hear your dad's latest news. A chest scan is usually a CT scan and is routine in most cases. Generally precautionary to rule things out rather than rule things in. Hopefully all will be well and he can go forward with treatment. Best wishes.

    Best wishes to All,   rily.

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  • Hi Amy,
    I was in your dads shoes in April 2020 when I was 53.
    I remember the worry of waiting for the Chest scan results (which as Riley says are standard). They came back all clear.
    My bladder cancer was stage 2 grade 3, and I had RC ( Radical Cystectomy ) in June 2020. I was able to have a NeoBladder rather than Stoma and am living a normal life.

    I think it was a bit harsh to say there’s a 50% chance of survival. I wasn’t told that , but obviously I am not an oncologist nor do I know your dads results to date.

    I can’t pretend it’s all been plain sailing (am currently being treated for secondary in my pelvic lymph nodes, but that is just one of the hurdles we all have to get over), but I am still here enjoying life nearly 4 years on, so would class myself in the “positive 50%”.


  • You must all be shocked by that news. Statistics are not always very helpful. With cancer, they tend to talk about survival for 5, or 10 years after diagnosis. Because age is a significant factor, many cancer patients will die (of something else) beyond that timeframe. So that might still be a good many years yet, even if in the 50% that are incurable. 

    At 55, otherwise fit, he is in a good state to cope with surgery & chemo. All you can do is hope for the best - worrying won't change anything - and make the most of each day as it comes. Best wishes to you all.

  • Hi Amy,I’m sorry to hear this.I really hope the scan shows no spread and surgery can go ahead.I only just made it to bladder removal but I’m still here 4 years later.I was T3b G3 with Squamous cell cancer.Best wishes Jane x