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I’m being referred to urology due to blood in urine after running, also micro blood found today. I’m now scared witless. Had bowel cancer years back can’t believe it’s happening again.

  • Hi  and welcome to the group. We know the fear and uncertainty of a cancer diagnosis, but be aware bladder cancer can be treated successfully. It must be extra difficult for you having been through it before. Your first urology appointment should lead to a flexible cystoscopy which is a camera in to the bladder. Generally painless but maybe a bit uncomfortable. You will be able to see for yourself anything untoward in your bladder. They will then take it from there if anything is seen. Many of us have been through this so feel free to ask anything. Best wishes.

    Best wishes to All,   rily.

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  • Thank you for replying to me.

  • Hang in there, my friend. The initial stages are the most nerve-racking.

  • Hi Chasmac,Welcome to the group though I’m sorry you find yourself here.This a friendly helpful group so I hope you will find some support here.Best wishes Jane 

  • Hi Chasmac, I’m a total novice as am in early stages of waiting to get scans etc. but, if you need any advice I can vouch for the guys and girls here! They are amazing! If you need to vent, I’m up late all the time at the moment! Take care. 

  •  Chasmac, not necessarily the sort of group you would want to join again, but we are here to help and hug you, and you’re welcome.

    my first bleeding episode was after washing my car May last year…. I’ve not cleaned it since.!! (Leave it to the OH)

    Please feel free to ask questions  for help…or a hug.! X

    best wishes

    Julia x