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I have been diagnosed with bladder cancer stage 2 I have had one op and have just been given my second appointment for the 19 th feb wheee this time they are going to use a camera to check my kidney as they said they may have to put a stent in

  • Hi   and welcome to the group although sorry to hear of your diagnosis. many of us have been there and know how you must be feeling. You will get plenty of support here as you move forward. Follow up scans and procedures are quite normal to give them a more accurate diagnosis and develop a plan of action. Not had a stent myself but they are fairly common to bypass any blockages. The early days of uncertainty can be the worst, but once a plan is in place it gives you something positive to focus on. Best wishes.

    Best wishes to All,   rily.

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  • Hiya,

    welcome to our group, just wondered what op you have already had done? I had a stent put in when I had a biopsy for Utuc, it was okay and was in for a couple of weeks before being removed again.

  • Hi Forestranger.Welcome to the group.I hope you find it helpful and supportive.Best wishes Jane