Hello there. In the past 12 months I have had bladder cancer confirmed but fortunately my prostate, whilst showing growth is age related and benign.

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In addition to the TURPS - see above - I have had 4 TURBTS and 6 doses of Mitomycin C between TURBTS 2 and 3. All procedures within the past 12 months. Between TURBTS 3 & 4 the tumours progressed from non - invasive 2a to 3. I am now awaiting latest TURBT results. Next steps may be BCG.

I live about an 1.5 hours from my hospital to home. I am urine incompetent. II understand I should try and hold urine for up to 2 hours. Should I insist on staying at the hospital.


  • Hello  and welcome to the group. Sounds as though you have been through a lot in the past 12 months. Not had BCG myself but we know most hospitals keep you there for the two hours and especially on your first visit. Some hospitals allow you to go home but ask you to keep it in for the two hours. Not everyone can hold it in that long but need to try and keep it in as long as possible. Best wishes.

    Best wishes to All,   rily.

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