Upcoming TURBT

Hi, I was diagnosed with probable bladder cancer two weeks ago after an ultrasound showed a tumour. I've got a TURBT on Tuesday and am feeling pretty anxious about the surgery but also my future. I'm 29 and it's come out of nowhere and I'm feeling very overwhelmed. Just looking for support from people who understand what it's like.

  • Hi 

    I was also anxious about it all and I am 58. Bladder cancer is one of the treatable ones especially if found early.

    But the op was straight forward and I was out the next day, lots are done as a day case, but they decided to convert me to an overnight.

    Just take a day at a time and ask as many questions here, lots of people here to help.

    Good luck with Tuesday and let us know how you get on.


  • Hi Perry,Welcome to the group.The TURBT procedure sounds worse than it is.It usually involves staying in hospital overnight.The tumour will be removed under general anaesthetic and sent to the laboratory for analysis.When you get home rest up a bit and drink plenty of fluids to keep the bladder flushed.Take regular pain killers if you need them.I used to find a hot water bottle helpful.There is lots of advice and support on here.We are all here to help you through and understand how anxious you must be feeling.Good luck on Tuesday,let us know how you get on.Best wishes Jane 

  • It's certainly not a diagnosis you expect nor want, particularly when young. BC is commonly described as an old man's disease, but there are plenty of younger, & female, people diagnosed too. Take comfort from the fact that a problem has been detected & that BC is very treatable if caught early. The general anaesthetic for TURBT may make you feel washed out for a while - I felt a bit spaced out for around 7 - 10 days. Although there's nothing to show outside, your body will still have a wound to heal, so take things easy for at least a couple of weeks. You may well find urination is frequent & painful at first, drink plenty to flush through. 

    The surgeon is unlikely to give much feedback immediately, they will want to wait until the path report is done. That generally takes around 2 weeks or so. Then they will discuss a suitable treatment plan with you. Best wishes.

  • Hi Perry,  I'm newly diagnosed too, I'm having my TURBT tomorrow, I've had a cytoscopy where I saw the cancer for myself, very surreal moment.  I can't offer much advice as I'm so early on in my journey too but this is a fantastic place for support so keep posting x 


  • Hi Perry,Good luck tomorrow.I hope it all goes smoothly.Best wishes Jane