Hi Everyone....

I'm new to this. I was Diagnosed with Bladder Cancer 22Apr, when I had the tumour removed. I saw the tumour at the same time as the Nurse Practitioner who did my Cystoscopy and I also watched my Op removing it. They said it went quite deep. I've called it 'Cauliflower'.

However, after the results have come back, I have to go in on the 1st Jun for a further Op to see if it has invaded muscle. This has knocked me right down! I was fine until this.......

  • Hi and welcome to the group, although sorry to hear you are feeling a bit down. A follow up TURBT is fairly common and normal. Many people have a follow up. It is to check if they have missed anything and mop up anything they missed. You will also probably be called for a CT scan. Again normal. Bladder cancer can be treated successfully, but it is a step by step process. I am sure you will get plenty of support here going forward. Feel free to ask any questions, Many of us have been there. Best wishes.

    Best wishes to All,   rily.

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  • Thank you rily. I just needed to hear. I feel a bit less anxious now. CHeart

  • Hi Cadazzle,Welcome to this friendly group.I hope you find it helpful.Best wishes Jane

  • Hi Cadazzle 

    I'm also a newbie. Cytoscopy a fortnight ago and my TURBT is on Monday. I'm just at the start so can't really answer any questions but I'm with you on your journey x


  • Hi Cadazzle, My husband isn't into things like naming a tumour. But 'like inside out cauliflower' is his exact description of how the whole of his bladder looked 5 years ago. The consensus of opinion is to find things to do that occupy your mind so you don't get into a spiral of unproductive dwelling on the ifs buts and maybes while you wait for the lab folk and doctors to do their stuff and present you with results and options. BTW after various treatment and a recurrence early on he is currently clear.

    best wishes, 


  • Not many of us get to see the op removing tumours - I guess perhaps you had local or epidural anaesthetic. If the path report comes back as high grade, the second look is gold standard to ensure they have the correct staging. This will enable the Multi-Disciplinary Group who meets to look at the results to advise on most appropriate treatment. 

    I had that shock of second op too, so I have an idea how you feel. Once you know what treatment options there are & make any decisions about that, you start to be able to see ahead a bit better. Best wishes.

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    Best wishes to All,   rily.

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