Newly diagnosed - surgery on Monday

Hi, didn't think I would find myself here but looking for a bit of support from those on the same journey.

I've been diagnosed quite quickly, had episodes of my blood in my urine for 2 weeks, diagnosed and treated for a UTI at the beginning of April but the blood persisted. I was then fast tracked for a cytoscopy 3 weeks ago which showed a transitional cell Papillary cancer. 

Had a CT scan  2 weeks ago but not been given the result and I'm in for surgery on Monday for a TURBT.

All a bit scary but the two clinical professionals I've seen have reassured me this is perfectly treatable and I'll be ok.  Still struggling with anxiety though.

Thanks for reading 


  • . Hi K and welcome to the group. Somewhere you never expected to be, but you will get lots of support here going forward. Scary times for you, but as the medics say, bc can be treated successfully. Good to know your doctors have been proactive. Not always the case .The CT scan is routine and mainly to rule anything else out and give them a bigger picture of what they are dealing with. The earlier things are found, the better the outcome. The TURBT (trans urethral resection of bladder tumour) Sounds a lot worse than it is. Usually done in day surgery or maybe an overnight. You won't know anything about it. Take it easy and drink lots of water afterwards to flush out any debris. A few weeks wait for biopsy results which determine the next step. Don't try and get ahead of yourself. One step at a time. Lots of people here who have gone through this, so ask anything you like. Best wishes.

    Best wishes to All,   rily.

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  • Hi Aquarian66,Welcome to this friendly,supportive group.It is a all a bit overwhelming and anxiety making when first diagnosed.We are all here to help though.Best wishes for your TURBT.Jane

  • Hi  I am in similar situation to you. Was diagnosed about 5 weeks ago. I had TURBT last Friday morning. Op was fine. Had an overnight stay as precaution to keep an eye on me. First ever operation and general anesthetic and hospital stay!

    I am at home and feeling good. Taken it easy so far. Now just waiting on histology results.

    Take it a day at a time, and ask any questions here.

    Good luck

  • Best of luck K, sounds like your medical team are really getting on with it, which is very good. No questions you may have are off limits on here, so do post anything that you have concerns about.


  • Thank you Rily, much appreciated. I'm on the afternoon list for surgery, had my PCR test earlier so hopefully that's negative. I've a lovely weekend with the hibiscrub:-)

  • Thank you Jane, I am very grateful x


  • Hi Tomsk, sounds like we are on quite similar timelines, I don't think I'll be in overnight so planning on being home in my own bed by cocoa time :-)  I'm glad you are feeling well after your op. 


  • Hi Kidney, yes it has been really quick, a bit of a battle getting past the GP receptionist initially but I was seen for a cytoscopy 3 days after my fast track referral then 3 days later for the CT. My surgery was originally next Monday but there was a cancellation and the hospital slotted me in a week earlier. I've been very fortunate x

  • ! Aquarian 66, maybe you could go back to that receptionist and give her a little gentle feedback that if she had stopped you getting seen she would have stopped you getting a prompt cancer diagnosis and the best chance of needing least treatment.


  • I know exactly how you feel, I think I can speak for everyone when I say these early days are the worse. Try keeping your mind occupied and try to keep busy. It's a horrible time, but with the support I got from the group plus the emotional support from macmillan, you will get through this. 

    Stay strong Muscle and look after yourself, always here for a chat, take care x