Just joined-hello everyone

I recently joined the forum and thought it could be useful to be in this group along with a couple of others due to my particular circumstances, as my situation is relevant to more than one group. 

I had recurrent cervical cancer which spread to my bladder, along with lots of other places, and had a total pelvic exenteration which left me with a colostomy and urostomy.

I have a very good quality of life now, and manage my bags without any major issues at all. Hopefully this is a group where I may be able to offer something based on my own experiences. 

  • Hi SarahH21,Welcome to the group.It’s good to hear you have a good quality of life.That is such major surgery that you have been through.I’m sure your experience will help others.Best wishes Jane

  • Hi Jane and thank you. Yes, it was indeed very major surgery, but I came through it and am very glad to be here enjoying life! I certainly have plenty experience now of living as a double bagger. xx