Flexible cystoscopy

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Hello, Just back from Urology department following my latest flexible cystoscopy. All clear!  Rest and relax now until October when I continue my BCG maintenance programme. Non stop heavy rain all day today. Going to see our friends in Andalucia next week so looking forward to some Sun and Sangria. Garviv

  • Excellent news Garviv.I hope you have a relaxing time away.Torrential rain here.Love Jane xx

  • Great news Garviv. Big sigh of relief. Long may it continue. After a glorious day of sunshine yesterday, back to rain today. Enjoy your time away next week. Best wishes.

    Best wishes to All,   rily.

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  • Oh Garviv that is wunderbar . Really chuffed for you.
    We got back from Berlin last night. Mentally it did the world of good, physically it reactivated all of my long covid symptoms because i didnt rest enough. However, as rotten as i feel today I wouldnt change a second of it. Absolutely loved Berlin, weather was scorching , far too much to see and cant wait to return for a more indepth history tour. 
    I hope you have a fab time in Andalucia, holidays are a real tonic arent they. Sun, sea and sangria . Felices fiestas Garviv

    Much love Angela x

  • Bitte! Welcome home Angela. So glad you enjoyed your holiday in Berlin. I hope you feel much better soon after your exertions in the Fatherland. Yes holidays are a wonderful opportunity to forget one’s health problems and re- stimulate the mind and body. Did you go down the Autobahn (Kraftwerk) or see 99 luft/red balloons (Lena) ??? Garviv

  • Thanks Rily, I always remember your advice after my first flexi. Drink plenty of water. Exactly what I am doing. Regards Garviv

  • Thank you Jane. How did the viewing go yesterday? Garviv

  • Nein, habe ich nicht Garviv lol! I was subjected to germanys pop charts and i cant say i would be rushing to download. Kraftwek were marvellous werent they . I had totally forgotten about Lena hahaha and yet probably could sing along to all of it .

    we did spend alot of time on the S Bahn , my goodness these guys run a fantastic transport service. Did an open top tour ( my first ever) and would do it again as the city is so vast. Really loved it

    Much love Angela x

  • Hi Garviv,It was fairly positive but they had other properties to view and had been to see my neighbours which is in better condition.The price was reduced yesterday so I hope to get more viewings.Jane x

  • Great news, very happy for you.

  • Absolutely fantastic news Garviv, brilliant, enjoy that lovely holiday in Andalucia, so we'll deserved, all the best bumble bee x