What is the difference between a Rigid Cystoscopy and TURBT?

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Hi - I wondered what the difference was between a rigid cystoscopy under a general and a TURBT.

My nhs leaflet from the consultant says rigid cystoscopy and indicates recovery hopefully takes a matter of days. BUT but the nurse called it a TURBT. Reading up on this, it says recovery is up to 6 weeks.

They both read as the same procedure though.

Does anyone have any knowledge of this please? 

  • A rigid cystoscopy could be used for a variety of procedures, including TURBT. Recovery will depend on length of time, ie how much anaesthetic, and what procedure is done. People vary as to how much they are affected.

    I took around 10 days just to get over the woozy head from the anaesthetic. From the TURBT itself you can expect urination to be urgent/frequent/painful at first, gradually abating over a couple of weeks. So in general I would say allow at least 2 weeks, but can be a bit longer.

  • First TURBT I was absolutely fine of the anaesthetic the second TURBT I was groggy for a number of days so understand what your saying on the woozy head couldnt believe how different both experiences were  


  • Thanks for the heads up. I best get a good book and a new pillow ready Grinning

  • This will be my first turbt and my second op under a general. I’ll try not to panic if I feel woozy! 

  • I think a lot depends on where you are on the list, too, ie how long you have been without food/drink. Last GA I had, I mentioned the wooziness in advance & I think they gave me something extra to counteract it. Either that, or I was first on the list & it was very light & short.