Symptoms coming back.

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Hi all, 

I have had a very strange weekend.

I had a TURBT procedure to remove a 2cm tumour on 04/05/2024 and I received the results on Friday just gone (21/06/2024) after a very long 7 week wait the results came back benign, very happy news and very rare so I’m told. But strangely enough since Saturday I haven’t been able to get off the toilet, 3 days of constant wee and passing little clots, which I’m assuming is the scab? Any advice on why I can’t stop weeing so long after the initial procedure and after being told it wasn’t cancerous?

Thank you 

  • Hi Woodey08,

    Welcome to the group and congratulations (if that's the right word) on your lovely benign result! After 7 weeks from TURBT I was more or less back to normal. Do you think you might have a UTI? It may be wise to ask your GP to check your urine for infection as this is quite common after TURBT.  In the meantime, keep drinking lots of water or Robinsons Lemon Barley Water as it is very soothing and dilutes any irritants in the bladder.

    The lovely folk on the forum are very supportive and full of good advice so please ask any questions you may have as someone on here will have an answer for you.

    Hope you feel better soon.

    Love Ade xx

  • Hi Woodey08,It’s good to hear your results were benign.Benign lesions can cause frequency and urgency but as Ade has said it’s best to check you don’t have an infection.I hope your bladder calms down soon.Jane