My Top Ten Albums plus a few close calls

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My Top Ten Albums in no particular order

Queen 2

The Space Ritual - Hawkwind 

Selling England By The Pound - Genesis

Camembert Electrique - Gong

The Wall  - Pink Floyd

2112 - Rush

Deadwing - The Porcupine Tree 

Unending Acending - Gong

The Road Of Bones - IQ

Moonmadness - Camel

Special mentions to. Raintown - Deacon Blue, Hand Cannot Erase -Steven Wilson, Weather Systems - Anathema, The Flower King - The Flower Kings, L - Steve Hillage 

Maybe do concerts next who you have been to see and who you wished you had seen. Just an idea



  • Hi scott,  the concerts idea is brill . I dont know how to keep this music thread with the other music thread . I will ask Rily see if he knows how to keep them together if you like 

    Much love Angela x

  • Thanks Angela, I didn't know there was another one. 

  • Mr Halofan has had a look at your list , says you are mainly Mr Prog Rock with a nod to queen. 
    He was very into prog rock but also diversified to bands like kraftwerk , has even got pet sounds beach boys album in his collection. Not sure its possible to move this thread so i will just bookmark it and add to this one. Thanks scotvip

    Much love Angela x

  • I saw Hawkwind in a free summer concert in Harlow Town Park. Soaking rain, around 1975? Nowadays no-one's even heard of Silver Machine!!!

  • Its a classic

    Much love Angela x

  • Some concerts i have been to

    David Bowie

    Roxy Music, XTC The JAM, The Police, Simple Minds,

    The wedding Present, Iggy Pop, Buzzcox, Elvis Costello

    I shall add a few more tomorrow i think. It distracts me from bladder pain atm

    Much love Angela x

  • Scott great sounds.

    Some of my top 12 in no particular order:

    Hunkiy Dory - Bowie

    Abraxas - Santana

    Leyla - Derek and the Dominoes

    CLockDVA - Thirst

    Troubadour - JJ Cale

    Lou Reed - Transformer

    Lucille - BB King

    Chief - Eric Church 

    Mogwai - Ten Rapid

    Eagles - Hotel California

    Police - Ragatta de Blanc

    Hawkwind - In Search of Space

    I am listening to quite a lot of country these days, and am thinking of investing in a old pickup and a Stetson 

  • Angela sorry T hear of yr bladder pain. Leo keep thinking ing about those great times and future concerts you will be going to. Leo

  • Thanks Leo, 

    Hunky Dory and Transformer are in my top 10 too !

    Its a tough one trying to pick 10 out 

    Much love Angela x

  • I really like soul music as well. Shout out to luther vandross, barry white ,marvin gaye, roberta flack, glays knight. All quite legendary. Oh and then of course there is northern soul. There is too much to think about , i can feel the brain smoking again lol

    Much love Angela x