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Potentially a game change, but it wii take time

  • I was reading about this last night. The vaccine will include targeting bladder cancer I believe , but there is alot of detail missing as to what type of cancer and who they will recruit in the trial. I think i will ask my CSN on Tuesday what she knows. It is amazing the progress made in treating cancers, really optimistic about this one. 
    How are you Leo ?

    Much love Angela x

  • Hi Angela, yes a lot of detail missing. And we are in election time as well, hence the reference to “first in the world” when it’s a German company that has the technology. Understanding the timeline would be jolly useful and what is actually being targeted and when. I am ok today, mana get an hour or two chain sawing in my wood yesterday, which is a step forward. 

  • Hi Leo1, how lovely to have a wood. I have just over an acre of garden and have planted many trees over the 20 years I have lived here. A white birch, silver birch, hawthorns, ornamental cherry, a hazel copse, rowans etc etc.  I'm particularly proud of a copper beech which I think of as my gift to the future. It was a sapling and has grown into a very pretty tree now about 20ft. Where are you in the UK? H x

  • Thanks for the post and the link. 

    Sound's promising and any development's in treatment's can only be a good thing.

    Kindest regards 


  • Hi all one thing I will have to face with this development is my peer group unfortunately my generation seem to have developed a liking for a good conspiracy theory COVID vaccines cause turbo cancer they are poisoning us with chem trails the earth is flat you name it I’ve heard them I just like to look with my own eyes and make my own mind up things and I will just follow this news with interest and just not discuss it with people who are that way inclined at least this is a level headed space to discuss things like this 

  • Yes its a kind of pick a side subject , like many others that seem to have cropped up recently. I will definitely follow this with interest and count myself lucky if i get picked i think.

    Much love Angela x

  • Very interesting Leo thanks for sharing. 

  • Hi Leo1,This is interesting,thanks for posting.Jane x