May is Bladder Cancer Awareness Month - spotlight on the Bladder cancer forum

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Hi folks

It's Steph here from the Community team, I hope you don't mind me popping in here. 

The wonderful  reminded me recently that it's Bladder Cancer Awareness month in May. We think it's important that everyone going through tests or with a bladder cancer diagnosis (and their loved ones) have access to a community of peers, in addition to specific information and support from Macmillan. 

We have published a Community News Blog today here to put a spotlight on the Bladder cancer forum, to run throughout the awareness month of May. Community News Blogs like these can help new members find the forum and gives a snapshot of the lovely words, support and caring you share with each other.

Please do give the blog a read through if you would like to. You can also use the reaction buttons or comment section to respond, to offer your own thoughts or welcome to any new members.

You can also use this link to go and read the blog now.