Abdominal pain two weeks after TURBT

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Hi, just joined this forum and wanted to post a question/ comment to see if anyone had any advice or information.

I had the surgery almost three weeks ago to remove a small non invasive bladder tumour and recovered well after the op, apart from needing a catheter for a few days. A week after the op I was feeling so well that I was back out walking and a few days after that started going back to the gym. Then just over two weeks after the op I started getting abdominal pain on my left side, front, back and side. The day after it got so painful at times I was almost doubled up. Paracetamol eases the pain quickly and it has been coming and going since then. The last two days I have been feeling generally under the weather. I have had two phone consultations with GPs and a urine test has ruled out infection. They don't think I could have strained things going to the gym too early as I was regularly going before and am generally quite fit and healthy (apart from this!). 

Does anyone have any similar experience or advice you could offer?

  • Hi Outdoor Guy,

     I am sorry to hear you are in pain. Pain from the surgery site is not uncommon after an operation, and of course your bladder will be a bit traumatised, so pain is not uncommon. General advice post TURBT is to take it very easy for at least two weeks post op. My personal advice (I am not a medic) is that a week post op is too soon to start going to the gym or undertaking other vigorous activity, especially heavy weights (over 10KG). So I would suggest you really take it easy for a few weeks post op.

    I overdid it lifting log baskets full of hardwood after surgery. It caused pain and I think some bleeding.

    if in doubt about this contact your specialist nurse who can advise.

    take it easy, Leo

  • Hi Outdoor Guy,Welcome to the group.I’m sorry to hear you are in pain and feeling below par.I would agree with Leo that it’s a bit too soon to be going to the gym.I had a bladder haemorrhage a month after a TURBT once from lifting heavy boxes.Take it easy and go back to your doctor or nurse if you still  feel unwell or the pain continues.It’s easy to overdo it especially if you feel ok but your body is still healing.I hope you feel better soon,Best wishes Jane 

  • Thanks Leo, think you may be right and interesting to hear your experience with the logs!

  • Thanks for the reply - won't be heading back to the gym anytime soon, even if I can get rid of this pain!

  • Thank you Jane. Think both you and Leo are right and I overdid it too soon!

  • Easily done Outdoor Guy, it can be hard to make the mental adjustment to having a serious illness and surgery. Leo