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Just wondering several things about the after life…

1. Where do you buy supplies?

2. What brand is the best ?

3. One piece or two format on stoma pouch ?

4. Belt or no belt?

5. Concealed wrap around ?

I know…..lots of concerns 

  • Hi  and welcome.

    I have a urostomy and a colostomy, so a bit of experience in the world of stomas! Do you mind me asking if you’re in the UK first of all? Things differ depending on where you are based-I’m in the UK so talking about the NHS.

    In the UK, all supplies are provided free of charge on prescription from your gp and ordered through a stoma supply company of which there are many. You are given advice about how the system works by your stoma nurse.

    No-one could say which brand is best, as we are all unique and there are hundreds of different products to choose from from many different manufacturers.  Normally you are guided initially by your stoma nurse and there can be a certain amount of trial and error in finding what suits you,

    A one pice or 2 piece system is a matter of personal choice-different types suit different people for different reasons, so it’s impossible to say.

    Again, a belt is a matter of personal choice. I don’t wear one but others do. I also don’t wear any form of wrap round.

    Are you facing bladder removal surgery at the moment? We have a stoma support group where you can also get advice and this is the link

    Stoma Support Group

    Please feel free to ask any questions in either group and I hope you’ll find it helpful to be with us.

    Sarah xx

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