Bladder cancer

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I have had two operations now first on the 5th January second on the 19th feb where they found out that the cancer cells had regrown so removed and als I needed to have a stent put in my tube to my kidney which I found very painful it did subside about 5 days after I was sent home with antibiotics to take for 5 days which was well needed but stoped taking these on the Saturday and then 3 days later I had some low abdominal pain of which I thought a UTI had come back so I asked my GP if I could start taking the antibiotics I had left they told me to contact the hospital to see what my consultant thought, so I did, and they told me that it is more likely to be because of the stent not because of the UTI that I thought I had. If it got worse I was to go into the A&E to go through the system to where I was before to get the situation sorted, so if I started having a fever all the pain got worse I was to do this I am now waiting on results to come back to find out what’s going to happen next

  • Hi Forestranger, 

    Sorry to hear you are having problems, as you have a diagnosis of cancer have they not given you a CNS who you can contact? I also had a stent inserted into my ureter after a biopsy was taken, mine was only in for two weeks before removal but was told by my CNS if I had any issues to let her know and if required they would call me in to check all was okay. I do not think you should have to go to A&E if pain becomes worse, especially if you are currently in a treatment programme with urology? 
    I hope you receive news soon.

    take care,