Blood in my wee

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Hello I am new on here and I’m trying to find someone in a similar situation. I haven’t eaten or slept for days.

instarted weeing blood on Saturday and was in pain stinging when I went to toilet. Went to a & e so sent me they did scan. And said I needed a further scan as my kidney was dilated. Two days later I got a request to go for a camera in bladder urologist was very cagey he said I needed a contrast CT scan now as there is something but he isn’t sure. Wait and see he said. He said he will do biopsies on bladder as it’s very inflamed but dosnt think it’s cancer in the bladder I have 3 babies and I am beside myself hope you are ok. I be really grateful if anyone could give me some advice 

  • Hi Amyloulou,Welcome here.It’s a worrying time for you but they will do some tests and find out what is causing the bleeding.You can get blood from stones,inflammation and infection as well as cancer.The scan with contrast should show whether it might be a problem with the kidney rather than the bladder.They take biopsies from the bladder under a general anaesthetic and these will be sent off to the laboratory for analysis.This procedure is called a TURBT ( trans urethral resection of bladder tumour).I used to have them to take away patches of severe inflammation for a non cancerous bladder disease.This procedure is sometimes done as a day case but usually you have to stay in hospital overnight.Once the results are back the dr’s will know for sure whether you have anything wrong in the bladder itself.Try not to Google it’s easy to frighten yourself and make anxiety worse.Stay here with us and we will answer any questions and support you through this anxious time.I hope this helps.The good news is that you are in the system now and getting the tests needed  to find out what is wrong.Love Jane 

  • Hello Amyloulou, 

    So sorry you are having to go through the waiting game, I have just read response from Jane and she is exactly right with all the information going forward. It is such a worrying time, but being in the system is a big step to finding out what is going on and then moving forward if a treatment plan is required. 
    There is a wealth of lived information on here and we are all here to support each other. 
    Keep in touch and try not to worry too much 


  • Hi Amyloulou, welcome to the group, hope you can get some calming help from the messages you will be sent.

    first bit of advice I was given, was stay away from Dr Google as winkers60 has said, it does burst your brain with too much detail that may not relate to you.

    i know it’s easier said than done to say don’t worry, but try to concentrate on your 3 babies to distract yourself for now, until any results are facts. Take care of yourself, at the moment that’s the only thing you can control.

    best wishes

    Julia x

  • Spot on! 

    It doesn't matter where you go, there you are