Night sweats

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So here I am at 4am, I'm waking every couple of hours or even hour with night sweating.This is happening every night and I haven't started treatment yet and I know thoughts aren't facts but it's hard not to think that this means the cancer has spread.I was in an up mood before going to bed, had hopes of at least some sleep but am now so unhappy.

  • Hi Jane,Sorry you are getting night sweats.I would ask your gp to check that you don’t have an infection somewhere especially as you have been feeling tired as well.Love Jane x

  • Hi Jane, have you been introduced to your Clinical Nurse Specialist yet? This usually happens when you meet your Consultant to be told the Stage and Grade of your cancer. If you are lucky and get a good CNS they can be an invaluable source of support. My nurse specialist has been fantastic at calming my fears. I agree with Winkers (Jane) if you are feeling ultra tired and getting night sweats it's possible you have picked up an infection. You could drop off a urine sample for your GP's to check for you, or ring your CNS for advice, It is a scary time  immediately after diagnosis, things will get easier as you begin to understand your treatment plan, after your second TURBT. Take comfort from the fact that hopefully they will have removed all cancer in the TURBTs and the treatment plan will be focussed on not letting it come back. Hang on to the fact that many of us on this site were diagnosed years ago (2017 for me) and we are still going strong and enjoying every day of our lives. Take it one step at a time, it will get less stressful. Hx

  • Hi H

    Thank you, I did eventually make phone contact with my CNS about a week ago. They didn't know a out me, fallen through the cracks. Anyway she was very nice and fedback on MRI scan. I was thinking of phoning tomorrow to ask about the night sweats, tbh I had been having one a night before the diagnosis but they didn't last long and I didn't feel ill other than the muscle aches etc in my arms which when you have fibromyalgia you tend to dismiss everything as that. I do not have a fever 35.9⁰c - I tend to run on the colder side for some reason. Although I feel physically tired/drained my mind isn't and it will not rest. I did have some periods of calm yesterday and it made my hopeful for a better night. 

    Thank you so much for your response and encouragement 


  • Thank you, I will try to contact the support nurse at Urology tomorrow and see what she thinks.

  • Jane I don't suppose the sweats are menopausal? I had them for years, bloody things. I used to move into a cold bed in my spare room. x

  • Don't think so, I'm 64 and had the menopause at least 10 years ago. Have been on HRT tablets for a long time - mainly muscle fatigue /hot flushes and lack of energy if I stop them and I have tried several times. Still I guess the cancer could somehow be screwing up that side of things. I sound like a very unhealthy person don't I ! But I really have just got on with my life, exercise regularly- cycling and daily 2 mile dog walks. Resistance training at gym for the last year. Everybody here has been so kind - 11 days to my first TURBT and although I'm sure I will be scared closer to the date , I can't wait to get started. Just the CT scan to get back before then. Forgot the fact that I have low thyroid function so am on levoxythyroxine too !  Oh well one day at a time and the sun is shining here this morning 

  • Love to you. I thought you'd had your first TURBT, so possibly you will be waiting to hear the details of your cancer. It is the worst of times. Sending you a big hug. xx

  • Not yet, 21st. I have that anxiety to come but at least something will be disrupting the blighter on the 21st. 

  • I'm 66 and on HRT gel to protect my bones. But I believe that the body's own oestrogen production can plateau and then drop again repeatedly for years, as I've had a few bedtime suddenly-peeling-off-the-jumper spells recently. And the gel goes on in the morning so may be wearing off a bit by night time. I am trying to get hold of the Drs to see if it is Ok to use more [than one pump] but battling through the unhelpful nurse practitioner. On the bright side I discovered as a result, that the very unhelpful practice manager has retired and the new one sounds determined to take a better approach. I recommend Thyroid UK for great info, our daughter won't do anything for herself but at least I stay informed about her hypothroidism.

  • Thank you, it's possibly not related to my cancer or the sky high stress associated with that but I expect I will have to wait until after my 1st TURBT, staging and then subsequent treatment plan before the GPs will look at potential hormonal issues. I guess I just have to take a different view, I'm hot and scared so get up and cool down and try to dismiss it as another sign of my impending doom !