Feeling so drained of energy

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Hi all

I suppose it's pretty common to be feeling completely drained of energy even though I haven't started treatment yet ? TURBT op on 21st Feb. I can't understand how I've gone from feeling OK with no major symptoms other than the blood in urine 4 weeks ago to being so flat and tired. I guess lack of quality sleep is a major factor. Hope everyone else is bearing up. My counselling sessions have been helpful  but can't expect to go from someone who likes to feel in control to being able to trust others and go with the flow - not analysing every feeling/ ache etc. Having Fibromyalgia doesn't help for sure !

Still I'm trying to stay positive and see this as an opportunity to become a generally more accepting and calm person in general. Long journey that is - as Yoda would say !

Best wishes 


  • Jane,

    I know exactly how you feel being recently diagnosed. All I can say is that as treatment has progressed a bit I feel a lot more positive about things, and as they say on this wonderful forum, bladder cancer is treatable. 

    Be gentle on yourself and take your time, and keep talking on here , it helpGrinning


  • Thank you Leo, it's helpful to know I'm not unusual in this respect.

  • Hey Jane! I had that very same question the other day as I went in to what I can only describe as “operation flap and certain doom”. It doesn’t help that I have an over active imagination so 1+1 to me is 50,00. The community on here have helped me so much already, it’s nice knowing you are not alone. A very wise member of this forum said “thoughts aren’t facts” I cling to this daily. You, we, all of us will get through this! Stay strong. 

  • Thank you so much for your support and response 

  • Hi Bicyclegirl, assuming you are under state pension age, whatever that is for you, as a fibro sufferer, have you thought of applying for PIP - personal independence payment? It could help with cost of counselling and other coping things eg help in the house, prepared food etc to mange your energy levels. If you would like to know more, friend and pm me and I'll point you to a useful website. Our daughter lives with fibro.

    Best, Denby

  • Thanks Denby, I have retired and thankfully my fibro is not so bad. However as with most people aggravated by stress. It is very kind of you to offer and very much appreciated.