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I contacted insurance to get a quotation for holidays abroad this year. They told me they could not offer me insurance because I was still undergoing treatment for bladder cancer eg BCG instillations as part of an ongoing maintenance programme and flexible cystoscopies. They told me to contact


  • Hi  . Sorry to hear you are still struggling trying to fid insurance. Hope you find something suitable soon. Best wishes.

    Best wishes to All,   rily.

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  • Hi Garviv 1

    I am planning a longweekend in Berlin and have had a quote for £99 from . I havent yet accepted the quote so not sure if anything will change with the cover when i do . It may be worth having a look at them. I have 30days to accept the quote , so going to spend time reading the policy

    much love Angela

    Much love Angela x

  • Thanks Angela, Will go to the site today. Garviv

  • Hello Angela , online insurance quotation is £661.00 for a ten night holiday. WOW! Thanks for your help. Garviv 

  • Hi Garviv, I know I wasn't quoted that much when I travelled mid-BCG though it was about 5 years ago.. Maybe there is a way of re-phrasing your condition which doesn't wrack up such enormous charges? Not to encourage dishonesty but hey £661 for ten days feels like a total rip-off to me. Good luck with your search. Hx

  • Hello H, Yes very expensive. The question that I cannot get round is: Are you waiting for any medical treatment? I am having continued maintenance BCG instillations x3 and flexible cystoscopy Feb 24 and same six months later. Garviv

  • Hi  

    It’s better to call and speak to a real person to explain than get a quote online where typically the same algorithms are used by all the companies to get the quote price. I had insurance through my partner’s bank and the first time going abroad they wouldn’t insure me for my cancer at all. I was 5 months out of treatment, with a NED scan result but their requirement for my cancer was to be 6 months out. They covered me for everything except the cancer on that occasion, and I travelled on that basis. Now we call with an update before every trip, so this week need to update them that I’ve had my gallbladder out. As this wasn’t for my cancer and I had a good scan after the op I’m hoping all will be ok. 

    I hope you can find something much less expensive to let you get away.

    Sarah xx

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  • Good grief Garviv1, I am concerned now that the info i have put in has given me a false quote. I shall go back and check it. I definitely declared i am having treatment for bladder cancer and a couple of other health conditions too. Maybe there are other factors like age, female , i dont know , just guessing I will do it again i think

    much love Angela x

    Much love Angela x

  • Hi Garviv 1 

    I just repeated the quote and it came out the same, i have only taken out single trip cover , i wonder if thats made a difference. I declred bladder cancer and awaiting treatment, because I am awaiting treatment . I think maybe i will ring them and make sure

    Much love Angela x

    Much love Angela x

  • Angela, A few people have suggested insurance Might be worth comparing quotes. Garviv