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My Dad was diagnose with muscle invasive Bladder cancer in May of last year. 

Unfortunately  Dad developed  colitis  just before he was due to have chemo, however  the consultant has told us it could had been from the nerophen he was taken that caused this.

He started chemo after this cleared up and had a full cycle, the recent scan has shown it has not reduced the tumor it has got bigger and it has moved to his urethra tube.  His current creatine levels are high and they would have to stop treatment.

However, there are a few options he could have Immunotherapy, since they are uncertain what caused the colitis  there is a risk of giving hm this treatment, it would be up to Dad to decide. 

We have been told by consultants we are looking at 9-12 months, he has to live however I am really looking for advice, if there is someone who is in the same situation as my dad, did Immunotherapy work and is there anyone who has colitis who had Immunotherapy  and did you have bad side effects to this?

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my message I just live in hope, that there is something more I can do to help Dad.

  • Hi  . Macmillan has produced some information on immunotherapy for bladder cancer if you click the link HERE .  Best Wishes. 

    Best wishes to All,   rily.

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  • Thank  you so much 

  • Hi Prindos,
    I have been on a clinical trial since October 2022 for a recurrence of Bladder Cancer and am receiving immunotherapy (Pembroizumab) and a targeted chemo drug (Enfortumab Vedotin).

    In September 2023 I had a short spell in hospital because I was diagnosed with colitis. Diarrhoea, appetite loss and thus weight loss, and feeling pretty run down were the main symptoms.
    A course of steroids resolved matters within days, but a recurrence in November means I am now off the immunotherapy and unlikely to go back on. I could only have been on it for 2 years and that time is up in September this year.
    Again steroids sorted things, and I have 3 days left on them and will then see how things behave.

    Am still having the EV. Latest scans showed No Evidence of Disease( NED). I assume your dad would be just on immunotherapy rather than a combination, but I’m sure immunotherapy has helped my body attack the cancer cells.

    I also have a friend who has skin cancer who is just on immunotherapy and it is really working well for her. She also had a bout of colitis a year ago but no recurrence so she remains on immuno but again only for 2 years.

    So as steroids can quickly calm the colitis, maybe it is worth your dad trying immunotherapy with the knowledge that there could be a quick fix if colitis returns.

    Obviously we are all different so what worked for me may not for your dad.

    all the best


  • Thank you so much for sharing this with me this has really helped. I have forwarded this to Dad, just want him to get as much information as he can before he makes his decision with the consultant Jan 9th. I think the main worry is they did mention he could have constant Diarrhoea, however with what you have mentioned this is a question we can put to the consultant in regards to steroids. Thank you so much

  • He has since been told he can have Radiotherapy  he is just concerned about the constant diarrhea he could have for life this is all they can currently do, there is no other options. Personally I would say yes for him but it is not up to me to decide  I am concerned he will have constant side affects, but what else can he do?