I know iv been told not to google and i have been. Iv been told the area of concern is bladder neck/urethra proximal. Google says tumours of the bladder neck have a worse prognosis now im.even more scared. Please tell me this isnt true

  • Hi Emma,Please please stop googling.It’s not helping you,it’s making you even more anxious.We all understand that you feel worried,you haven’t had a diagnosis yet.Once your biopsy results are back you will know what is wrong.I’m sure you will feel much better then as you will have some answers.Whatever it is can be treated and you can move forward with your life.Find something pleasant to do to distract your mind from your health.Love Jane xx

  • Hi emmaj. Sorry I can't comment on your diagnosis, but I found not using Google a massive help. It confused me massively.

    In the short time I've been using this forum so much better.

    Wishing you the best of luck.

  • That is the problem with googling the information is conflicting and confusing.The first advice I got here was don’t Google.

  • Hi iv not been diagnosed with anything yet. I went for cystoscopy 9 days ago due to microscopic haematuria iv now had for 2 years. He has seen a tiny lesion which he is querying as being papillary, benign or possibly tiny tcc. Im sure he said it was just inside the neck of the bladder but iv been reading he has put biopsies of neck pf bladder and proximal urethra and all i have done for a whole week is google trying to find answers and thinking its cancer. Now iv read cancers of the bladder neck and proximal urethra are harder to treat and iv made my anxiety even worse. I have major health anxiety aswell so i always think the worse

  • Hi Emma, Nobody on-line and no search engine can give you the answers you are seeking. The answers can only come from your biopsy results and the skilled knowledge of your Urology team. It's truly horrible waiting, we all understand that. At those times  personally I distracted myself with rubbish tele, tea and cake. i think you said you had children, I hope you got some cuddles and cards today? Hx

  • We went for a walk in the park with our puppy. I just cant switch off. I just think iv had a tumour now for 2 years because thats how long iv had this microscopic blood. Im panicking it will be a bad prognosis but he said its tiny surely a tumour after 2 years would be quite big by now? 

  • I hope this is not true as mine was in bladder neck and this was diagnosed last July. I have been having the treatment and awaiting results. I think you should leave Google a lone.

  • Whatever the stupid google numbers are, some people have to be "winners" no matter how many "losers" there are. Much best not to even look at supposed numbers which may even have been falsified to drive people to spend money on things advertised elsewhere [how do you know anything out there is true, unless you have enough science education to read proper peer reviewed scientific papers???].

  • Very true. I dont think i would be as concerned about what the dr has seen if i didnt have this blood in my urine for years.  I know microscopic haematuria is less a factor than gross haematuria but this is why im.convinced it will be cancer and im petrified about it. Iv never been through anything like this before

  • We all fear the unknown. Sometimes that is a way of rehearsing what we will do if it happens. But worrying about a possible diagnosis will not change things, it only affects your enjoyment of the present. Perhaps try writing down your fears - what is the worst that can happen, how will you deal with it? Then put that aside & try to enjoy the now.