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Hi, just had my 1st TURBT on 14th June, went for my results this morning to say it's invasive and need a 2nd TURBT in about 4 weeks. Cells are high grade. How many turbt have people had? At what point do you opt for removal of the bladder?

Thanks x

  • Hi . Follow up TURBTs are fairly routine just to double check and make sure they have got all they can. When they have a confirmed stage and grade, they will come up with a plan. I still have my bladder several years after T3/G3 muscle invasive (touch wood). Best wishes.

    Best wishes to All,   rily.

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  • It depends how invasive it is K.B.. From what others have posted you'll likely be sent for at least a CT scan to check for any growths outside the bladder, my OH was. Having 'high grade' eg G3 cells is quite common but may well still be treatable as his has been. He hated the idea of bladder removal and has avoided it, others feel completely the opposite. Depending on all the scan and test results you should be offered a treatment plan with some choice.

    Hope that at least partly answers you question, 


  • The 2nd TURBT is gold standard, to ensure they have the correct staging ie no muscle invasion. The NICE guidelines say you should then be offered BCG immunotherapy, or bladder removal. Be sure to ask pros & cons, side effects, efficacy of each option you are given. The choice should be yours.

    I opted for bladder removal straight away for best prospects of cure, among other reasons. Neither is an easy option, it has to be a personal choice weighing up your own individual circumstances. Happy to answer any questions when you have to make any decisions.

  • Hi K B, my understanding is same as Teasswill. After initial biopsy I was told I had T1 HG Grade 2. But my tumour wasn't invasive. I was offered removal or BCG. I chose BCG but if my cancer had been invasive I reckon I'd have wanted something more radical, like chemo and radiotherapy, immunotherapy or removal. You have to think through all your personal circumstances, hear what your team recommends and choose what feels right for you. Bladder removal is a big surgery but there are many folk living happy healthy lives after that choice. I've had 5 TURBTs because of low grade reoccurrences, but my team were happy for me to carry on with the BCG. My 27 dose course is now complete, I've had a year without a reoccurrence but no illusions that i will stay clear. My next screening is November. Best wishes. H x

  • Hi K. B,As the others say you will have to make the best decision for you when you get your options.I went straight to bladder removal as the cancer was invasive and aggressive.The type of cancer I had doesn’t respond well to other treatments.You should be given the opportunity to discuss your options and ask questions.Best wishes for your 2nd TURBT.Has your black looking urine cleared up now ? Jane

  • Hi Jane, thanks yeah had it 2 days and cleared when a load of debris and cots passed, been clear with just a touch of pink since. Thought I had infection as painful when passing urine, but was negative. Due to the largest tumour being next to the drain it spasms and is obviously deeper so not healed yet.. I'm thinking removal but waiting to hear full options and info. K. B. Xx

  • Hi,Sorry you are having spasms.It can take a while to heal.It’s not unusual to pass clots and debris and that often helps to reduce the pain.Best wishes Jane x