Good result.

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Hi all, came on to give an update as to where i am on my journey.

Have had recurring bladder cancer over the last couple of years. Because i'm checked every 3 months the cancer is noticed early and  shows up as tiny dots barely visible to me on the screen beside the bed.

Earlier this year i had 4 lots of chemo syringed into my bladder (epirubicin) then had a follow up flexi-cystoscopy 10 weeks later which was last friday and had a clear result. Yah haaa. I'm not getting carried away because it has a habit of returning but i'll take a bit of good news with a cheer and a glass of wine.

The nurse said i will now have chemo into my bladder once a month for 6 months. I guess this is to try and keep my clear for long enough that the cancer will give up. I don't know. But i totally trust my consultant and the eurology/oncology team who have all been exceptional as far as i'm concerned. I don't see how i could've been treated any better. Amazing service. I love the NHS and the reason it was formed and regard myself as so lucky.

All the best and good luck to everyone on their particular journey.