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just a word from myself to you all I would just like to take this opportunity to say thank you for sharing your own personal experiences of our situation I’ve learned so much since I was diagnosed and it has helped me prepare and understand things better obviously never thought I’d be facing this at 45 but thems the brakes I suppose seen younger people than me on the group pop up enjoyed the music thread especially so special thanks to Halofan  (Angela ) for that one as I sit today just had 2nd TURBT a few days ago after having a TaG2 high grade diagnosis just going to see what this next MDT says and get on with my next bit of torture they decide for me but let’s all remember what ever they decide for each of us it’s for the greater good 


  • Hi Ste. I am sure you may have been told you are young for BC but we know this is no longer true. BC was once known as an old man's disease generally owing to smoking and working in heavy industry. Over the years we have seen many younger people joining us. Maybe something to do with the modern environment. Good to know your stage and grading is medium risk and I am sure they will come up with an appropriate plan for you. I hope all goes well. Best wishes.

    Best wishes to All,   rily.

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  • I’ve settled down on it a lot since joining the forum Rily and you have contributed to that also yea I’ve worked in some serious heavy jobs over the years especially being an engineer but none of us can. Really ever narrow it down to one single cause can we if anything this has made me realise I’m really starting to age abit now and need to keep myself in check my lads are grown and fled the nest time for Ste to keep a close eye one Ste now 

  • Hi wel1979,

    I can only second what you have said, this forum made and continues to make my journey easier.

    I was diagnosed at 51 and couldn't really comprehend what was going on and why at the beginning. Reading other people's experiences and the kind people (you know who you are) that took the time to respond and offer great advice made alot of difference.

    I also tried to rationalise what was going on, didn't smoke for 25+years etc, but had a pretty decedent youth.

    The medical staff although lovely and brilliant don't give this kind of advice and this is what I needed. 

    Hopefully you will get your treatment plan in place soon and please continue to share and keep us all updated.

    Best of luck.


  • Hi Ste, this forum has helped me so much since i joined the club no one wants to join, a year ago now. They are the best of people, all of us together holding each other steady through this. I am loving the music thread Andy319 idea , it reminds me we are all so much more than a cancer diagnosis . You will get your plan soon , my focus changed when i had a plan, felt calmer. Still have anxious times when the what ifs come in my thoughts, then the lovely folk on here help me through. Your post is lovely to read. Thankyou

    Much love Angela x

  • Hey Ste,

    I was stunned to find I had Bladder Cancer, 57yo female, never smoked, don't really drink, very risk averse, don't fit the stereo type demographic at all. My surgeon said I have had my tumours for over 3 years so I've put it down to stress of Covid, working throughout the pandemic and looking after family members. But really, who knows? Maybe it's just bad luck. 

    This diagnosis has put me into research mode ( I have a science background) and I read as much quality material as I can find around the subject. But this forum has been wonderful to connect with people who are going through the same trials as me and give human and not medical thoughts, ideas and words of comfort at such a distressing time in my life. 

    So thank you to you all HeartBlue heart you are all appreciated very much  Blush 

    Love Ade xx

  • Hi Ste,It’s great that you have found this group helpful.I know how much I have got from joining nearly 5 years ago.The people here got me through bladder removal and the death of my mother.Keep posting we are all here to help and support.Jane x

  • Me too, no known risk factors. My brother also had BC in his 50s, but surgeon still said not genetic. I can only assume we were both exposed to some trigger factor(s) when both at home, with perhaps a genetic susceptibility as an added factor. I never drank much (even water) which probably contributed.

  • Mine was due to chronic irritation.I had an allergic reaction to iodine contrast after a test on the kidneys.I didn’t find out until sometime later that I retained some of the dye in the bladder.The Interstitial cystitis got so much worse after that and repeated treatments and infections led to pre cancerous changes.Fourteen years after those were found I got cancer.Jane x

  • Ade from what I see alcohol consumption is not a major factor in BC. I packed in the booze completely some time ago, as Tesco say, every little helps.

  • That’s a really interesting comment from your consultant regarding the 3 years it  makes you wonder how they know things like that do they use the size when discovered to gauge the time I wonder