Diagnosed with bile duct cancer

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Hi all 

I am new on this site, I was diagnosed with Bile duct cancer, in October last year 2023.

Since then I have had a liver biopsy, CT scans MRI scans, Pet scan.

I have also had a robotic removal of my left kidney in June 2021.

It was in October 2023 after my CT scan for my kidney, that my specialist nurse informed me on the phone that the CT scan showed that I had something on my liver.

Since my latest diagnosis, I have had 3 months of chemotherapy of Gem-Carbo which according to my Consultant, didn't work, and my cancer had grown.

I have now had my first course of FolFox, my second one is due this week.

The latest update from my Oncologist was, that they had the results of my latest Ct scan and apparently I also have cancer in my spine, he is hopeful that the chemotherapy I am having might also treat this.

The most concerning thing is that my Husband and I were told that the treatment, I am having is only palliative care. Also that I might just have a year from diagnoses.

After finding out about my diagnosis in October, not one of the Consultants, mentioned anything about that. We have only recently found this out.

So still in a state of shock.

Thank you for reading, I am not sure if anyone else has been through similar experiences.

  • Hi Zita, I’m sure to be told that treatment is palliative rather than curing the cancer has been a complete shock. My mum was diagnosed with bile duct cancer in April 24 but they think now the primary cancer came from gallbladder. From word go we were told that surgery wasn’t an option and any treatment would be palliative to try keep things at bay.  However it took three attempts to get a stent in to clear jaundice and now she has been assessed as not fit for chemo. She has been put on steroids to try help with fatigue and appetite. I really hope you get more clarity of your situation. X

  • Hi VCV,

    Thank you for your response, I just wish that the Oncologist was more upfront, in the beginning. They were not sure what the primary was, I think it was from my Breast cancer that I had in 2002.

    I hope that your Mum is doing okay!!! X

  • I have been told a year too! I can’t understand how I feel so well. Wishing you all the best.

  • I always say how long is a piece of string, In my mind I'm not done untill I am done.

    I try and stay positive, go for my chemo every other week, and live as best as I can.

    It helps having supportive family and friends, around too.

    Must say though its a bummer having cancer 3 times in a lifetime.

    Hope that you continue to feel well and stay strong and positive. It's the only way to go Blush