Mum diagnosed with Bile Duct Cancer

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My mum has recently been diagnosed with inoperable bile duct cancer. Feels totally fine in and of herself. Starts chemo on Friday which they have told us is classed as palliative because the surgery to remove tumour is too risky so it has been deemed inoperable. A really confusing journey between her late Oct diagnoses and now as all the biopsy come back negative but other scans confirm suspicion of cancer. Anyone else had experience of bile duct cancer where biopsy wouldn’t confirm - it’s given us all false hope up until now 

  • So sorry to hear about your mum. My mum has just been diagnosed. Also told it’s inoperative and they need to get jaundice sorted before she can start any chemo. 

  • Yes exactly the same my Nan started investigations in November and now extremely advanced stage 4 bile duct Cholangiocarcinoma - unable to stent or do chemo 

    a hell of a lot of wasted time during those months of investigation  when she would have been fit rnough for chemo but now too weak and starting it in the face sending strength  love to you x 

  • Yes my Nan severely jaundice said they can do a stent possibly but she isn’t strong enough I don’t think and how long does someone last jaundice don’t think we have long left! 

  • Waiting on results of MRI now. Did they explain why unable to stent and have chemo as an option? 

  • Too advanced now.

    Can’t have chemo unless they can sort liver and only way to sort liver is to do the stent but she is unable to do the  stent as can’t get past the Tumor to stent ! 

  • I’m sorry to hear this . my mum has now had 2 stents in and both have worked really well for her jaundice and both did so quickly, hope it is the same for you mum 

  • So sorry to read this, it is frustrating because you feel like every day is a wasted  day, we were the same many months of investigations, so far my mum has strayed extremely well but we expect this to change with chemo starting 

  • I am so sorry for your nan, hoping she gets strong enough for the stent 

  • Drs have tried twice now with mum to get stent in unsuccessfully. I’m not sure where that leaves us now as unable to sort jaundice for any possible chemo.